Accuracy of park assist: for those who help themselves

29.11.2016 17:04
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Taking an unfamiliar vehicle, for example for rent in Kiev, it is best to test for park assist system in the safe area. Such systems have a different sensitivity, the capture angle of the obstacles and sound. Navigate with complex maneuvers or parking using only parktronics is not safe - the sensors can be dirty and do not work. After all, even the most perfect system can fail - everyone knows the story how Tesla controlled by autopilot has been made a deadly accident. For any maneuver do not forget to look in the mirror and the sides! Otherwise you can park up until a thump has been made.
If we talk about the rear-view camera, then, focusing only on it you can take back in case if it gives a complete overview of the wide-angle. True story: a father standing on the sidewalk at high Land Cruiser with all the parking system. The son parks behind it at low Renault Fluence. They went out of their cars and talked, then each returned to his own. Son decided not to go immediately, and began to look at the road map. And then an unexpected blow was happened. After a few seconds the parent comes with the phrase "as you still here?". Land Cruiser car is not low and also high pavement has been present because of that small Parktronic has not been seen of Renault Fluence, and his father did not bother to look in rear view camera monitor. Conclusion: do you have assistants - use them to the full and also use your head. No assistants - think very well!

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