Be careful when backing up a car

29.11.2016 16:57
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There is a bad habit inherent to many drivers, look back at the time of reversing. Some still holding the wheel with one hand, others clutch hand at the front passenger seat to qualitatively expand your torso. In this situation, the driver creates a huge blind spots and can not adequately assess the distance on each side. If you find it hard to go "on the mirror", then they are not correctly configured. The left side mirror should be seen only a small part of the rear wing. The central mirror is adjusted so that its center coincides with the middle of the rear window. The front right mirror should also be seen a small part of the wing. Those who confuses left with right and lost looking in the mirror, helps only the training. Excellent "base" in the real world - parking near the supermarket. It is desirable to develop new skills when other machines do not interfere, marking parking spaces for training will be enough.

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