Lexus UX, фото
Advertising a new concept car was launched in the summer, when the Lexus has registered several models of UX. Fans of the brand would expect to see cars at the Paris Motor Show - 2016. The compact crossover with strict forms surpassed all expectations. The conceptual model is equipped with a lighted faceted shapes, powerful rims, video cameras instead of side mirrors and unconventional rear doors....
07.05.2017 10:49
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Electric car from Volkswagen, фото
The famous German company actively took up the design of electric cars. Confirmation of the fact that electric cars are very promising in the contemporary reality, giving new electric hatchback from Volkswagen, presented at the Paris Motor Show - 2016 in the form of a concept car. The German company plans to release cute hatchback in mass production by 2020 year. New electric car popular future is...
24.04.2017 15:53
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Honda Civic Type-R, фото
Honda is actively enhances and modernizes the Civic family. The new Honda Civic Type-R, planned to be shown at the Paris Motor Show - 2016, was already in the middle of summer is presented in all its beauty in the photos from the English edition of "Auto Express". Type-R Civic appeared at the Motor Show in Geneva in early 2015. Then a new model of Honda was called "the Axе" for the stunning threat...
16.04.2017 12:00
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Renault Logan and Renault Sandero, фото
Renault subsidiary brand of the Romanian Dacia unveiled at the Paris Motor Show - 2016 the new Renault Logan and Renault Sandero. This will be the third generation of these models, the latest restyling Implemented 4 years ago. Сonsumers are looking forward to the updated cars, enjoying good demand from domestic car owners. The fact that the modernized Logan and Sandero are preparing to appear at c...
10.04.2017 15:43
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Hyundai i30, фото
At the Paris Motor Show 2016 took place the debut of the new generation Hyundai i30. Creating a representative of the third generation Hyundai i30, the developers of the Korean brand were aimed to design a car that would be comfortable to representatives of all layers of society, from students to pensioners. As marketing companies hope everyone will find in it its flavor and prefer this model in t...
02.04.2017 12:33
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Paris Motor Show, фото
History of the Paris Motor Show has over a century. Conceived by French aristocrat Albert de Dion show the latest automotive novelties and remains one of the most popular in its niche today. Paris "bride" are held on an even year, and shows cover thousands of journalists from dozens of countries around the world. The current review of the novelties took the start of the 16-day exhibition marathon...
26.03.2017 21:22
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