CVT or automatic: the charm of each types of boxes

29.11.2016 17:39
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Automatic gearbox or CVT - the advantages of both types

Manual transmissions are gradually fading into the past, opening the way for automation.  It would seem what could be better, you do not need to digressed on extra actions. But when people come to us at the  rentUacar for the purpose of rent a car, thay will learn about the existence of vehicles with CVT (the CVT), performing the same functions as the automatic transmission changes gear (automatic transmission). Among these famous cars Toyota Corolla is popular with distributors due to its reliability.
So you can determine for yourselves the best option, a detailed look at both unit shift systems, as well as popular models of cars, working with them.

The principle of variable transmitions and descriptions of cars
CVT: This device was created with the aim to change evenly the disk rotational speed. There is no step change, as the belt is moved by moment over a pulley. The owners of scooters and motorcycles snow has long been known that component, since it is used in their production for several decades. In the automotive industry the variator is not a novelty, but a massive operation began only in the last 10-15 years. Here are a few cars that use it:

  • Nissan X-Trail - you can rent this model in Kiev, as it is great to drive on major cities. Due to CVT the moment of movement is smooth - convenient for normal driving and idle in traffic jams and at traffic lights. Sound under the hood stripped rough growl, resembling a powerful electric motor. Again, Nissan X-Trail has only two pedals - nothing more;
  • Renault Fluence - the legendary sedan, often rented by respectable Kiev residents. The softness of the movement at a high level again - when the vehicle is started and accelerated, even natural jerks simply not there - come to a head rail locomotives. Here only with Renault Fluence, you will go on the road, and the acceleration speed will be much more impressive.

The principle of automatic transmission and cars description
Automatic transmition: Unlike the variator consisting of a belt draped over two pulleys, automatic transmission uses a torque converter in an alternative of the clutch, the gearbox to switch between gears, as well as tape blocking mechanical system components. As you can see, the design is more complex in structure, but the driver does not matter. Here are some of its advantages:

  • you can not burn or damage the clutch - torque converter performs all actions;
  • in case of failure repair is much cheaper;
  • no need for constant change belts and oil;
  • ease of Management.

Cars with automatic transmission are as comfortable and safe, especially since they do not consist of a single transmission. Some drivers likes "live" non-uniform growl issued by the engine, while the car with the CVT produces a monotonous hum in any action. Here are a number of popular models with automatic transmition, which you can rent in Kiev through rentUacar:

  • Toyota Camry - a business-class product with a spacious lounge and a stylish design. 6-speed automatic transmission is unpretentious, works accurately and seldom breaks down. Comfort and respectability - the main features of the vehicle. With all the advantages, the price of rental Toyota Camry remains adequate, and that made it so popular;
    Skoda Octavia - the DSG robotised box, providing direct switching, is a structure in the form of two combined clutch and automatic transmission. Working simultaneously, they allow you to change the speed immediately, ensuring maximum smoothness during driving and start. Through this, Skoda Octavia is appreciated by amateurs of comfortable movement;
  • Ford Focus 3 - original 6 steps PowerShift box is the main competitor to DSG. In modern models leased by rentUacar company, are the latest version of this mechanism liberated economy and good performance dynamics. Ford Focus 3 has made a revolution in his time in terms of shift, showing a soft ride at all stages;
  • Honda CR-V - a car with a great design, perfect for business and leisure in nature. There is an automatic five-speed transmission in the car, copes with its tasks very well. This is a classic and there is nothing to add about - good vehicle for connoisseurs of Japanese industry. Honda CR-V, regardless of the model, allows you to spend time steadily and comfortably;
  • Volkswagen Golf - Golf gearboxes are different, but always compare favorably with smooth. And drivers are liked it for this. Today rent this car is inexpensive - it is used for doing business and making long trips. Fuel economy and reliability of the design does Volkswagen Golf truly legendary member of the four-wheel family.

What will be more convenient: CVT or automatic?
May have to choose, despite some positive aspects of the CVT, as the more modern machinery, the automatic transmission is not less in demand. The reason for this is the habit of playing a significant role in driving. Feel the vehicle - the main task of man controlling it. The lack of ordinary sound or differences in the movement are able to break this feeling reducing attention while driving. Again, powerful models rarely use the CVT.
For beginners, recently stranded driving, rentUacar recommends to rent a car with a CVT, at least in order to evaluate all the positive aspects of this method of shifting. Take a look at its advantages:

  • fuel economy;
  • low noise level during operation of the engine;
  • reduces the amount of harmful fumes;
  • acceleration of the car smoother and faster;
  • rarity damage - as the load on the engine and other drive components is minimal and the entire system is controlled electronically, you are unlikely to encounter with a failure of any component.

The result: in fact, rent Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford, Nissan or another vehicle, type of boxes are not so important, because in order to fully experience the difference, you must be the owner, use this product for 2-5 years. In it’s turn, rentUacar provide you decent service and provide proven techniques on profitable terms, so you do not have to worry about the structural parts of the vehicle.

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