Electric car from Volkswagen

24.04.2017 15:53
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The famous German company actively took up the design of electric cars. Confirmation of the fact that electric cars are very promising in the contemporary reality, giving new electric hatchback from Volkswagen, presented at the Paris Motor Show - 2016 in the form of a concept car. The German company plans to release cute hatchback in mass production by 2020 year. New electric car popular future is predicted, which at the moment is already available in the Golf series, in particular the great demand among motorists enjoys Volkswagen Golf 7. Thus, the electric hatchback in the future can have annual sales of 500 thousand vehicles. But the Volkswagen Group: plans to go far ahead: in 5 years after the start of series production it is going to bring the Volkswagen sales of electric vehicles to a million units per year.

Concept car presented in Paris, is equipped with an electric motor of 167 hp and does not require recharging for about 500 km. There is evidence that the development of this car - the first step for the implementation of unmanned technology. In any case, the company promises to provide an absolute pilotless car in the next decade.

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