Honda Civic Type-R

16.04.2017 12:00
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Honda is actively enhances and modernizes the Civic family. The new Honda Civic Type-R, planned to be shown at the Paris Motor Show - 2016, was already in the middle of summer is presented in all its beauty in the photos from the English edition of "Auto Express". Type-R Civic appeared at the Motor Show in Geneva in early 2015. Then a new model of Honda was called "the Axе" for the stunning threatening looks and pronounced aerodynamics. The front-drive car performance promises to break all speed records, because the manufacturer has positioned it as a new racing car for public roads. Inside, even the sports seats are installed, and interior decorated by black - red colors.

Nevertheless, fans of this design have to decrease their ardor a little bit: the new model Civic Type-R has got more elegant shapes and practical design. Concept car presented in Paris and designed on the basis of a hatchback. External epatage of presented car will be smaller, but high-speed characteristics will give odds to any four-wheel-drive  monster, which is for example Ford Focus RS. The new machines will be improved by two-liter four-cylinder engine with turbocompressor, that will have 345 hp. Civic Type-R will accelerate to 100 km/h just in 5 seconds. When expect the car in mass production - remains anyone's guess. The Japanese have always tried on a long time for mass production. In Kiev you can rent a Japanese car in the "RentUacar" company.

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