In which places more often wields auto thieves

29.11.2016 17:12
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In addition to the dangers while driving, a car and it’s driver waiting for trouble in idle mode. Auto thief stalks his prey, where it is less likely waiting for him: in public places, at the traffic lights, at the supermarket parking lot.
Leaving the car where it was, take away with them everything of value. Park and get started to hide things that you do not want to take with you, is not an option - someone has already been kept watch over you. For example, recently in Kiev, a young couple parked at the restaurant, and before leaving the car driver put the tablet in the front seat pocket. When they got back from the restaurant, the back window was broken, and the plate was gone. And only one of them remembered that not far from the car stood a young man. Needless to say that the burglar alarm, no matter how modern it is, did not save from the brick through the window.
Law enforcement agencies are advised not to show cash once again, not to leave bags and wallets in the front seat, even while driving, and sat in the car, immediately lock the door. One of the most common schemes - stalking victim in a supermarket. As long as man removes purchases in the trunk of the cab thieves take everything they want.

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