Accuracy of park assist: for those who help themselves, фото
Taking an unfamiliar vehicle, for example for rent in Kiev, it is best to test for park assist system in the safe area. Such systems have a different sensitivity, the capture angle of the obstacles and sound. Navigate with complex maneuvers or parking using only parktronics is not safe - the sensors can be dirty and do not work. After all, even the most perfect system can fail - everyone knows the...
29.11.2016 17:04
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Be careful when backing up a car, фото
There is a bad habit inherent to many drivers, look back at the time of reversing. Some still holding the wheel with one hand, others clutch hand at the front passenger seat to qualitatively expand your torso. In this situation, the driver creates a huge blind spots and can not adequately assess the distance on each side. If you find it hard to go "on the mirror", then they are not correctly confi...
29.11.2016 16:57
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Road safety: what is depends on you, фото
Safety on the road - it is not just compliance with the rules, but also the ability to enjoy the car's fictions, which for this most security are responsible, and not to look back when you back up a car. Still, of course, it is not superfluous to acquire of instinct of car driving counter emergency skills and great experience. All of this is achieved not at once, so it is important to remember the...
09.10.2016 18:25
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