Paris Motor Show

26.03.2017 21:22
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History of the Paris Motor Show has over a century. Conceived by French aristocrat Albert de Dion show the latest automotive novelties and remains one of the most popular in its niche today. Paris "bride" are held on an even year, and shows cover thousands of journalists from dozens of countries around the world. The current review of the novelties took the start of the 16-day exhibition marathon on 1 October. By tradition, the first two days focus on automotive journalists and professionals. Remaining luxury cars feast for the eyes for all visitors of the Paris show.

Take part in the car festival are committed to the world's most eminent dealers in USA. However, the oldest automaker Ford refused to participate at the Motor Show Paris Motor Show - 2016, explaining their lack of what has already been presented this year their models on activities related to the exhibition electronics and gadgets. Example maker of the popular model Ford Focus 3 followed by no less eminent brand Volvo, and Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce. Representatives of these firms stated that the existed earlier opinion on mandatory participation in all existing auto show, has outlived itself. Little respite allow do other things as well as save money for other purposes.

But even without such magnates automobile at the Paris Motor Show - it is something to see in 2016. His "creations" presented Lexus, Audi, Hyundai, Jaguar, Honda, Volkswagen and other masters.

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