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Stylish and comfortable executive cars for rent in Dnipro

The executive car rental in Dnipro is popular regardless of the financial crisis and any economic situation in the country. The entrepreneurs and famous people rent such cars for business trips so as not to be behind the tight schedule or make a pleasant impression on others. The appearance and interior of such cars always means the exclusive taste of the driver, its high requirements and standards. At the same time, the car adheres to the road perfectly, has comfortable suspension and all necessary electronic systems to facilitate long travels across Dnipro or Oblast.
All models from our fleet are equipped with and provided to the client with a full fuel tank. The long-term car rental for more than 10 days with substantial discounts is available. Usually this period is enough for a businessman to solve all his business matters and to relax. RentUAcar always monitor the quality of the rented cars: they are serviceable, safe, have appropriate tires and working climate control system.
Moreover, almost every car is equipped with different equipment. For example, navigator, cruise control, airbags, stability control, etc. The executive car rental implies that the client will receive maximum comfort and will be safe even in the emergency situation. If necessary, each car can be additionally equipped with router to work on the Internet or child safety seat, if you travel with a child. There are enough interesting places for family vacations in Dnipro and you can spend your free time after a busy working day.

For whom the luxury car rental is suitable

  • People with good income. This category of clients always appreciates the best and seeks to get the most out of the executive car. The people away from home wish to feel confortably and move quickly between different points in the city. That is why the luxury car rental in Dnipro at RentUAcar is in demand among the entrepreneurs. The good car allows them to stand out against the rest of the stream and look stylish in any conditions. The businessmen appreciate this opportunity more than anyone else. Even if the car was rented only per day, this doesn't mean that you can turn a blind eye to its appearance.
  • Politicians. This category of clients likes to emphasize their status and doesn't compromise. It is also important for them to be constantly in touch, to solve business matters and make impression at important events. The officials usually rent cars of German brands without driver at low cost to look presentable. On average, the politician will pay $185-200 per day of rent, which for many is considered a small amount.
  • Celebration. Often our specialists are contacted to organize a holiday and find the right car with driver. For celebration we offer the most popular models (including Mercedes E-class and Lexus ES) with a full package of documents. Renting luxury cars of these brands per day or two will not hit the pocket and is available to almost every client. At the same time, their appearance will leave no one indifferent. You can take dozens of colorful photos, supplement the celebration and not spend too much. You can rent a car without driver.
  • Presentation. Quite often we draw up applications for renting cars in Dnipro, which will be used for going to an important event. For example, it can be a presentation of product or service, opening a new construction facility, launching a production or business. It also includes corporate holidays, meetings of important guests, show business stars, concerts, meetings, etc. In such cases, VIP car will emphasize the importance of the event and complete the image. You’ll agree that it is easier to impress with an executive car than a taxi.
Each client can draw up an application for the right car without much effort. Even if you need a car urgently, our managers will do best to satisfy the client. We can rent a car in a short time and within 24 hours. In addition, you can order a colorful decoration of the chosen car model, as well as bringing it to the right place at a certain time. VIP car rental is available to residents of Dnipro, city guests and foreigners.

Luxury car rental: offers of RentUAcar

The fleet in Dnipro includes cars of famous automakers with impeccable reputation. We have German, American and Japanese brands. You can rent luxury cars at an affordable price. If you rent a car for more than 10 days, a significant discount is provided. We rent cars only with deposit. The total cost is calculated individually (usually if doesn't exceed $1700 for an executive car). We carefully monitor the condition of cars and always return money in full if the cars are in good condition after inspection.
You cannot rent a car of such high class without deposit. There are no exceptions of this rule. If you use the service of a company driver, the driver is responsible for the car and you don't have to pay the deposit.
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