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Rent a car in Dnipro: economy class at affordable prices

Fuel-efficient and super-efficient cars are in trend lately. Consumers (especially young people) often pay attention to this type of cars. Thanks to its compact size, modern electronics and low fuel consumption, the A-class is successfully positioned in the market. The advantages also include the low cost of the daily rent of such a car. Such car rental is affordable even those who have a very small budget, for example, 50-150 dollars for the entire period of stay in a new city. This is enough to use a modern car for 2-6 days. 
Rent an economy class car in Dnipro with RentUAcar – it is an opportunity to feel freedom even without serious financial possibilities. Our specialists have chosen a fleet that includes the most popular brands and types of bodies. All vehicles are provided with a full tank and an automatic transmission. And registration of the application for transport will take no more than 3-5 minutes on the website or by phone. 
If you are going to stay in Dnipro for a few weeks, you can't do without a subcompact. Such car will significantly save funds spent for fuel and at the same time will be inexpensive for daily use. When making an application for a week or a month, each client receives a significant discount. Long-term rent in this case is more profitable than the short-term. You can save up to $ 200 for thirty days’ rent. 

What is necessary to rent a car?

RentUAcar does not impose too strict requirements on its customers. It is only necessary to adhere to generally accepted rules and fit certain parameters. Each driver leaves a small amount as a collateral (depending on the brand and class of car), and also signs a contract for the storage of funds. We do not provide cars without collateral and work only with those customers above 23. Driving experience at the time of registration of documents should be about 1-2 years. The company does not cooperate with minors or inexperienced motorists. 
To conclude a contract, you need a driver's license, passport and identification code. Foreigners will have to attach a copy of the identity document-passport to the contract. 

The benefits of cheap car rent in Dnipro

Cheap car rent does not mean that you will get a car of poor quality, with a dirty interior or poor tires. On the contrary, we are particularly careful to monitor the A-class, because it is in high demand and popular in any city. Our technical service checks each model before delivery and acceptance, so there are no problems. This approach allows us to own one of the widest range of vehicles among competitors. Moreover, all cars are provided in absolutely working condition, without chips, cracks of the windshield, uncovered seats and with refilled air conditioning. 
Cheap car rental in Dnipro includes six models of vehicles made by American, South Korean and European manufacturers (Volkswagen, Nissan, Hyundai, Skoda, Ford, Kia). You can rent one of the presented cars for a day or more. 

The most popular cars that you can rent:

  • Nissan Micra - universal hatchback for fans driving around the city or young girls. This car instantly catches the eye, looks cute and consumes minimum fuel. It is a good option for those who are used to very tiny cars. This "baby" can easily cover 500 km in a few hours. This is enough to travel around Dnipro along and across, as well as to visit all the interesting places of the suburb. 
  • Ford Fiesta - winner of several nominations as the most technological car of recent years. It was recognized as the best hatchback in Europe thanks to the already legendary liter engine Ecobust with a consumption of only 6 liters in the city, which is very economical and cheap. You can rent a car of this type for long trips on business matters, while traveling or shopping. The car is perfectly driven, it has active safety systems and sufficient power for comfortable movement in the stream. 
  • Volkswagen Polo Sedan - German build quality, soft suspension and spacious interior. In its class it has the largest trunk and a spacious rear row, which can host three people. It is suitable for small companies, fun trips with friends or with beloved ones. And thanks to low price per day, the car can be used for a wedding or any other celebration. Such a vehicle can be ordered inexpensively without a driver for independent trips or you can rent it with a driver to organize a celebration. 
To apply for a car rental in Dnipro, you need to leave a request online or call the phone indicated on the website. You can also write to one of the messengers and discuss all the details there.
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