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Electric car rental: freedom of movement and savings for driver

Dnipro is one of the most developed and modern cities of Ukraine with population of almost 1 million people. The metropolis is divided into 8 large districts and has hundreds of interesting locations. Due to enormous size, the visitors cannot do without personal car, otherwise it is necessary to spend a lot of time and think the route in advance. However, the service of electric car rental in Dnipro will allow you to get the necessary mobility without unnecessary spending or harm to the environment.
“Green” technologies are gradually taking root in the territory of our country, which immediately affected the market of rented cars. Now during travel or business trips, the drivers are increasingly interested in electric car rental in Dnipro. The positive trend spread relatively quickly from Kyiv to the regions and economy of such transport played not the last role here.

Why rent an electric car in Dnipro

Contrary to popular belief, the electric cars are quite easy to maintain and they help to save significantly on fuel. It is enough to regularly undergo maintenance, check battery capacity and charge the electric motor at special stations. If there is no such nearby, you can connect the electric motor to the stationary mains and charge the battery completely overnight. Moreover, the cost of charge will be even cheaper than a full tank of gasoline or diesel fuel.
For people with limited budget it is much more profitable to rent an electric car in Dnipro and drive 80-120 km (depending on the model) on one charge than to refuel a tank for 7-10 liters of good gasoline every 100 km. In addition, during stay in traffic jams the electric motor slowly discharges, and the driver does not lose extra money. In case of cars with ICE, in traffic jams the drivers spend a lot of fuel that increases the cost of car rent by at least 30%.
Another advantage of electric car rental in Dnipro is that such cars have more modern design of body and interior. Most models appeared on sale no more than 5 years ago, so the car appearance did not go out of style. Young boys and girls especially appreciate this indicator, because it is young people who make the highest requirements for cars and do not compromise.

Advantageous rental of electric car in Dnipro at RentUacar

RentUacar offers its clients the most favorable terms and conditions for car rental. You can easily rent an electric car in Dnipro at an affordable price on the official website or in the office. Please note that the cost of service depends on contract duration and whether the client left deposit for the “green” car.
For comparison: renting the electric car with deposit for period of 25 days will cost $33 per day, and for similar period of time without deposit you will have to pay $43 per day. If you need to rent a car for 1-2 days, the cost of service with deposit is $50 per day, and for the same period without deposit the electric car rental in Dnipro will cost $65 per day.
Any adult driver with driving experience of at least 1-2 years can rent a car in our company. You will only need to provide driving license, passport of the citizen of Ukraine and tax identification number (or international passport for foreigners). No additional certificates or statements are required. In addition to Dnieper, the offices of the company are located in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Zaporizhia and Odessa. The clients can contact any of them to rent any car in one of the 5 classes available in our fleet.
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