Rental car of the middle class in Dnipro

Possible pick-up location in Dnipro

Features and advantages of renting a middle class car in Dnipro

Dnipro is considered to be one of the most developed cities in the Eastern part of Ukraine. Industrial production is concentrated here, small and medium-sized businesses are well developed, and there are a lot of interesting places. It is extremely difficult to do without a personal car, because it allows you to quickly get to any point and not have problems with municipal transport. Middle-class car rent is available to businessmen, professionals and tourists from different parts of our country. We work even with foreigners without too many demands on documents. If you come from Poland, the Czech Republic or Russia you may just make a request online on the website and we will pick up your car in just a few hours. It is possible to get a car with a driver to solve business problems, attend important events, etc.
A rented car will also allow you to save money on frequent trips. The maintenance of the car and the purchase of the necessary amount of gasoline will be cheaper than regular trips by taxi. Even if you are going to stay in the city for a short period of time, it is easier to use a comfortable car than to travel in a crowded bus. We are also ready to offer a wide range of models for a day to attend the celebration, video shooting or create beautiful photos.

Advantages of working with RentUAcar

  • We meet the drivers’ needs. When you conclude a contract to rent a car of the middle class, we take into account all the wishes of customers. Our company has been working on the market for a long time and knows what modern drivers want. That's why we chose the fleet with full responsibility and selected only the most popular cars. All of them are in excellent technical condition, serviceable and have a neat interior. You can rent a car manufactured recently inexpensively without a driver, even without a large budget.
  • Excellent pricing policy. RentUAcar provides cars in Dnipro at affordable prices regardless of the city. We work in Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv and other major industrial centers of Ukraine, so the provision of a car will not take too much time. At the same time, even business-class transport is available to the average driver. The cost of rental with a deposit starts from $ 24 per day.
  • Multi-application. It is the best option for those who want to choose a new vehicle. It is possible to test the entire fleet, regardless of class, to see the pros and cons of each model. When renting a car with a multi-application, a significant discount is provided. 
  • Available terms of cooperation. Each car is provided with a CASCO and a motor liability insurance policy. We do not require customers to have any additional documents, to sign the contract you only need to have a valid a driver's license, passport and identification code. Cars are not available without a deposit. The total amount is calculated individually depending on the class, capacity, volume, etc. 
  • Full support on the go. In case are any problems with vehicles, the company's managers are always available. If there is an unexpected accident or any questions, you should immediately contact the consultants at the contact phone numbers listed on the site. If you go beyond Dnipro, we will help you on the way or call a tow truck.
Middle-class car rental in Dnipro is carried out with a full tank of fuel. When delivering the transport back to the company, the client must fill it out. You can drive 350 kilometers per day, extra kilometers are additionally charged. Car rent can be arranged in advance for a certain date. Our managers will deliver transport to the railway station, airport or any other point exactly at the appointed time. 
Middle class cars are represented by popular brands of the European, American and Japanese markets. The minimum cost of car rent equals 28 dollars, and the maximum cost starts from 40 dollars. The catalog includes Mitsubishi Lancer X, Ford Focus 3, Toyota Corolla, Volkswagen Golf 7, Hyundai i30 CW and other cars. Car rent is possible with a child seat, navigator, mount for sports equipment, etc.
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