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Minivan rental in Dnipro: advantages of this service

Minivan rental in Dnipro is an incredibly popular service among RentUAcar clients. This city is constantly developing, expanding and opening up a lot of opportunities for guests. Some people come to Dnipto on work or study, others open business or organize a sight tour. The locals rent minivans to go to the Azov or Black Sea, visit the sights of neighboring Oblasts or have fun spending time outside the city.
The minivan rental allows transporting a large amount of baggage and it easily seats 5-8 people. At the same time, the passengers will not hamper each other, will be able to relax in comfortable seats, take a more convenient pose during the travel, etc. This way of travelling around the city and suburbs is much more convenient and cheaper than travelling by bus, minibus or taxi.
On average, the minivan rental will cost $45-55 per day. But you gain freedom, move in any direction with no restrictions and will be able to install a roof trunk or box for an additional payment. Even more luggage, recreation equipment, bicycles or kayaks will fit in the latter. Another advantage of the service is a huge daily mileage limit. The drivers can pass 350 km, which is enough both to explore Dnipro and suburbs and for mini-travel. Even if the driver suddenly exceeded the established limit, the price for each extra-kilometer at RentUAcar is only 20 cents.
The short-term or long-term minivan rental opens up unlimited opportunities for drivers. The service is no different in owning personal transport, does not require provision of specific documents or certificates (place of work, actual registration address, etc.), and is available to most customers. On our web site you can rent a minivan at $45 per day on the most favorable terms and conditions. At the same time, the fleet of the company is not worn out, car bodies are up-to-dated and technical condition of the cars is regularly monitored.

Minivan rental: advantages and service options in Dnipro

The minivan rental helps drivers to solve a lot of problems related to the transportation of group of people with luggage or when organizing large events. The public transport, passenger cars or even SUVs cannot cope with such a task. In the first case, people will be uncomfortable pushing in minibus or bus with a suitcase, especially after a long flight or travel. In the second and third cases, the car seats only 5 people. If each passenger has at least 1 bag or suitcase, it is impossible to fit them in the trunk and on the roof. You have to look for 2 cars, which is not always possible and expensive.
There is another solution - hiring a private driver or a large taxi. Some companies provide hourly minivan rental in Dnipro for irregular transportation, where 8-10 people with luggage are set. The downside of service is that it only fits for a short term. If you order a taxi with driver for a whole day, it will cost at least $100-150. At the same time, the appearance, interior comfort and technical serviceability of the car remain in doubt. On our website you can rent a minivan for 1-3 days at $60 dollars.

Advantages of the service:

  • low cost - our company does not raise prices for clients and emphasizes a high level of service. This approach to work is possible due to introduction of European and American work technologies. RentUAcar does not take big money from drivers, but instead rents cars only with deposit. The set amount is a guarantee of careful handling of minivan and in some cases covers the amount of damage. We don't rent cars without deposit, and deposit amount depends on the car model;
  • wide range of cars - our website offers cars of Volkswagen, Hyundai and Mercedes brands. The models of the listed automakers are reliable, comfortable, easy to drive and look great on the road. Despite the fact that car is classified as minivan, it fits well into the atmosphere of solemn events and even presentations;
  • full configuration - the minivan rental in Dnipro or another city provides the drivers with everything they need. RentUAcar equips the interior with necessary gadgets, completes the cars with reliable season-appropriate tires and fully refills the tank;
  • 100% serviceability - our technical personnel monitors timely maintenance, repair the damaged units and regularly test the safety system. This guarantees safe movement of the car in any conditions, eliminates possible problems on the roads, and also extends the service life of minivans.
To rent the car of this class without driver in Dnipro, please contact the manager in any convenient way. The employees of the company work without breaks seven days a week, so you can call them by phone, via social networks or in Viber/WhatsApp.
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