Rent Skoda Octavia A7 in Dnipro

Rent Skoda Octavia A7 in Dnipro Rental Leader
1.4 l (150 hp)
7.0 l / 100 km.
4 doors
5 seats
Front-wheel drive
Climate control
without Deposit
of days
with Deposit
$78 1-2 $60
$72 3-5 $55
$65 6-7 $50
$59 8-14 $45
$52 15-25 $40
$48 25+ $37
Deposit: $600

The price includes:

  • Mileage: 350 km per day
  • Comprehensive insurance(CDW)
  • Road assistance 24/7
  • Auto civil liability insurance

Requirements for the driver:

  • Minimum driver's age is 23 years
  • Driving experience not less than 2 years
  • Valid driver license

Skoda Octavia – This is an attractive car in every way, having a laconic design both outside and inside. With comparison to its predecessors, the model became larger- the length and height of the interior and the space in the rear seats were enlarged. Now hiring Skoda Octavia in Kiev, you can carry not two, but three passengers from behind.

The volume of the trunk (luggage compartment) also changed. Now it has become really spacious - 590 liters.

Despite this, the developers managed to keep the correct form and equip the storage compartments (carrier) for small items.

Although the car became bigger, its weight became less on a centner, which had a beneficial effect on the quality of the ride. The body of the car has become much stronger due to the use of heavy-duty steel.

Rent Skoda Octavia in Kiev for those who like the taste of excellent handling and operational information. The box is equipped with seven gears, hte last of which at 140 km / h shows no more than 2500 rpm. Brakes also do not cause censures.

The ergonomics and reliability of Skoda Octavia make the car safe and convenient for the driver and passengers, and the rental of this car in Kiev is in demand among customers with any level of income.

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