Rent a SUV in Dnipro

Possible pick-up location in Dnipro

SUV rental in Dnipro without overpayment and on favorable terms and conditions

RentUAcar offers drivers from Ukraine and other countries the car rental at $20 per day. The fleet of the company includes the best car models of European, American and Asian brands, which will please with stylish design, comfort and reliability. That is why SUV rental in Dnipro became one of the core directions of our work. Our clients are 100% confident that they will rent an all-wheel drive car at low cost and without defects for any amount of time.
Dnipto is the capital of business and cultural life in the south-east of the country, where people from all over the world arrive. The city attracts visitors for business development, investment, study or even solving issues with documents. The progressive youth or travellers who visited Dnipro for rest, inspiration or exchange of experience with colleagues also come here. At the same time, most people choose large cars to explore the city.

What categories of drivers choose SUV rental:

  • connoisseurs of large and roomy interiors that seats 4-5 people;
  • people who often move off-road or travel long distances outside Dnipro;
  • businessmen and wealthy drivers emphasizing high status and excellent taste;
  • clients who want to impress others (when organizing a solemn event, wedding, birthday, etc.).

Terms and documents

We are favorable both to regular and new clients. That is why the company does not require drivers to sign countless papers, does not check them for compliance with unnecessary parameters and does not force to pass through unnecessary paperwork red tape. Instead, RentUAcar chooses a smart approach to work, giving drivers relative freedom. Any person can rent SUV in our park, regardless of place of residence, gender, etc. Although we still have some restrictions for drivers.

To draw up the application, you should:

  1. be an adult;
  2. have 1-2 years of driving experience (depending on the car category and brand);
  3. provide valid driving license, passport and tax identification number (foreigners should provide driving license and international passport).
The short-term or long-term car rental at our company is arranged only upon payment of the specified deposit amount. This money is a temporary guarantee of integrity of the car for the entire rental period. Don't worry, nothing will happen to the deposit during contract validity period. It is stored in the company's safe and is untouchable. Upon returning SUV to the fleet, the money is returned to the driver in full.
If the technical officer and manager found no defects in the jeep, you will not have problems. But even if any problems with the car have arisen, the amount of damage is deducted fairly and specified at the close of the contract. Without collateral, the provision of the service is impossible, even to regular clients. This condition can be circumvented only when ordering an off-road vehicle in Dnieper together with the driver, who takes responsibility for the condition of the model and is near the client any amount of time.

SUV rental in Dnipro: car options, advantages and price

RentUAcar offers the widest range of rental cars in Dnipro. At the same time, all car models have modern appearance, up-to-date body design and are regularly maintained in the car service center. The drivers are not ashamed to drive a rented car, and also models behave on the road predictably and do not threaten the safety of passengers.
You can rent the following SUVs per day or more:
  • Honda CR-V - the simplest car option that suits the connoisseurs of simple and convenient cars. Honda CUV is equipped with climate control system, consumes gasoline rather economically, has neat interior and seats 5 people. Renting SUV will cost at $40 per day and is available even to a company of students or travelers;
  • Nissan X-Trail - large car for those who like large SUVs and roomy interiors. Such an option is suitable for family people, businessmen or those who came to the city on a business trip. Renting SUV in Dnipro from 30 days will cost only 50 dollars per day, ensuring maximum convenience and comfort of movement;
  • Mitsubishi Outlander - iconic model combining power and stylish design. It is chosen by drivers who want to make a pleasant impression and not to experience problems with driving. Like other SUV options, it is equipped with automatic transmission, climate control system and season-appropriate tires;
  • Nissan Qashqai - modern Nissan SUV can be rented without driver at $48 per day. At the same time, the driver receives reliable car, excites envy of others and enjoys the gasoline consumption of only 7.8 liters per 100 km;
  • Toyota Rav4 - premium SUV option for those who like Japanese body design and impeccable technical base. Renting SUV in Dnipro is available at $60 per day to use for fast movement, photo shoot, wedding or other event;
  • Kia Sportage - the most popular SUV option to be rented with and without driver. The car attracts the attention of clients with amazing design, capacity and high status.
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