Rent Toyota Rav4 in Dnipro
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Rent Toyota Rav4 in Dnipro
2.0 l (146 hp)
9.5 l / 100 km.
1 door
5 seats
Four-wheel drive
Price without Deposit Amount of days Price with Deposit
$95 $95
$90 $90
$85 $85
$80 $80
$75 $75
$70 $70
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Deposit: $900

The price includes:

  • Mileage: 350 km per day
  • Comprehensive insurance(CDW)
  • Road assistance 24/7
  • Auto civil liability insurance

RAV4 is a car that, from 2012, embodies the brand's new style.

All the design solutions perfectly "fit" in the overall concept of the car: Optics not only makes the new Toyota a stylish beast in the urban jungle, but also copes well with lighting. 

Rental Toyota Rav4 in Kiev is suitable for travel by a large company - the rear seats easily fit three passengers. All chairs have a large range for adjusting for height and support.

For travelers with solid luggage, renting a Toyota Rav4 in Kiev will also be an excellent solution: the luggage compartment with a volume of 577 liters is supplemented with a niche of 30 liters under the floor surface.

The car with pleasure and effortlessly obeys the owner. With the help of the good suspension (hanger), renting Toyota Rav 4 in Kiev will justify itself even while driving on roads is not the best quality. The small and medium roughness of the road bed of Toyota is able to overcome in general without effort and unnecessary noise.

The car has kept its brightness and dynamism, being able to combine compactness and spaciousness. At the same time, the safety of the car remained quite worthy to wear the title of this solid brand.

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