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Wedding car rental in Dnipro: SUVs, executive cars, minivans and other

The wedding is one of the most important events in the life of every person, the preparation of which takes a lot of efforts and time. The organizers of celebration or the newlyweds make every effort to ensure that everything goes perfectly and nothing causes complaints. In addition to choosing a wedding dress, suit and place for the event, a lot of effort is made to choose the perfect car. The right car allows supplementing the solemn atmosphere, emphasizing the theme of the holiday and showing off the outfits of the newlyweds.
RentUAcar offers the wedding car rental in Dnipro on the most favorable terms and conditions. At our company you can rent any available model from the fleet, decorate it in style or color range of celebration, equip with additional equipment and bring the car to any point in the city. The advantage of cooperation with our company is the perfect external and technical condition of the cars. All the presented cars are only of the up-to-date body design, don't have serious external defects (chips, scratches or dents), so they will make a pleasant impression on guests.
We don't limit our clients by rental time. On the website or in the office you can rent the desired car at low cost per day or more, or for several weeks. Everything depends only on the client's budget and his wishes. Some drivers rent cars to go on a short travel or rest a couple of days out of city.

Car rental at RentUAcar: how to rent a car and car options

If you plan a wedding soon and are looking for a beautiful, serviceable and inexpensive car in Dnipro, please contact our managers. The employees of the company work seven days a week, are ready to advice clients by phone, in WhatsApp or Viber, and will call back if you fill out the callback form.
To cooperate with us, the client doesn't need to do a lot of unnecessary actions or provide a dozen certificates. Do you plan to drive on a wedding day by yourself or entrust the task to your friend? In this case you can rent a car of the desired class without driver. To do this you should:
  • be adult;
  • have 1-2 years of driving experience;
  • provide valid driving license;
  • provide the manager with passport and tax identification number (foreign need only to provide the international passport);
  • pay the deposit, which will be returned in full when the car is returned to the office.
If you don't know how to drive, don't want to pay the deposit or be distracted by driving on such a responsible day, then rent a car with driver. The professional driver in Dnipro will take on routine duties related to driving, will monitor the traffic safety and is fully responsible for the car. The newlyweds and their guests will be able to enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere of the wedding ceremony as much as possible, will not worry about traffic jams or high-density traffic.
Another advantage of such a service is that you can drink alcohol without restrictions. This is very important, because even one glass of champagne reduces the driver's reaction and becomes dangerous for the life of driver and his passengers. In addition, the car rental with driver is in demand when organizing a wedding cortege with minivans and passenger car or SUVs.
When the ceremony is held out of city or restaurant is in a picturesque area, you cannot do without several minivans and cars. It is cheaper and more convenient to move in such a way than by taxi or minibuses rented for the holiday. In addition, all the cars can be decorated in style of the wedding and used for a photo shoot.
RentUAcar in Dnieper offers the clients 5 classes of cars:
  • cost-effective fuel-efficient cars at $20 per day;
  • neat and affordable middle class cars at $25 per day;
  • luxury executive cars at $40 per day;
  • powerful and large SUVs at $40 per day;
  • roomy and comfortable minivans at $45 per day to transport guests, photographers and videographers, things of the newlyweds and other.
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