Rent of electric cars in Kharkov

Rent a Nissan Leaf in Kiev
Nissan Leaf
Electric Cars
without Deposit
of days
with Deposit
$65 1-2 $50
$60 3-5 $46
$55 6-7 $42
$49 8-14 $38
$46 15-25 $35
$43 25+ $33
without Deposit
with Deposit
Deposit: $500
Automatic 4 doors
90kW l (110 hp) 5 seats
Electric Front-wheel drive
43% заряда l / 100 km. Air conditioning
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Electric car rental: modern and convenient way to move

Kharkiv is one of the largest and most developed cities in Ukraine. There are a lot of IT companies, large corporations, as well as an incredible number of parks. That is why the use of “green” technologies, modern solutions to improve the environmental situation in the country and various eco-productions is flourishing in the metropolis. The locals try to balance a large number of industrial areas and keep up with progressive European society. For the same reason, the electric car rental in Kharkiv is also in great demand.
The residents of Kharkiv try to assess the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars using such a service. Moreover, there are huge distances in the city, a lot of traffic jams and drivers want to estimate possible costs of recharging the battery and compare prices with gasoline consumption. The visitors save on rent when renting the electric cars in Kharkiv, can drive any distances almost free of charge and don't cause negative impact on city parks, atmosphere, etc.

Electric car rental in Kharkiv at RentUacar

RentUacar has been operating in the territory of Ukraine for several years, has opened 6 offices in main cities of the country and offers its clients a fleet of more than 35 car options. The electric car rental in Kharkiv is a relatively new service, which is only gaining popularity. However, foreign and Ukrainian drivers are happy to use this opportunity.
First, Kharkiv Oblast takes the 3rd place in Ukraine in terms of number of electric cars. Focus magazine shared such analytical data with its readers in 2018. Second, most of these cars were purchased in 2017 and the trend for “green” cars has increased significantly.
It is quite expected that the service of electric car rental in Kharkiv also became the most popular and sufficient quantity of charging stations for electric cars appeared in the territory of the city. Even if driver cannot get to the charging station in time, it is possible to easily recharge the battery from the stationary mains. If two-rate meter is installed in the apartment or house, the payment for utilities will be insignificant.

5 reasons to rent the electric car

The employees of RentUacar interviewed clients who drove the electric car at least once. Based on the answers the managers identified TOP-5 reasons to rent the electric car in Kharkiv. Below you can read the list that appeared based on the answers of drivers:
  1. fuel economy - you don't need to fill the full tank before returning the car to the manager or to pay extra money from deposit for spent fuel. You can also drive around the city at a distance of 80-120 km without any costs. Such a power reserve will be enough even for  an active person;
  2. low noise - electric motor does not create unpleasant sound during movement, so it is quiet and comfortable in the interior. This is the best option when travelling with children;
  3. stylish and comfortable interior - as electric cars have appeared relatively recently in the market, even demanding drivers will like their internal finish. Neat panels, soft fabric or leather on seats, plenty of space is the perfect design solution;
  4. environmental friendliness - electric cars don't emit exhaust gases into the atmosphere, which does not adversely affect the ozone layer;
  5. simple control - some drivers think that the electric cars enter the turn tougher. However, this is a mistaken belief, in many situations their body goes softer and even those who have not previously driven a “green” car should have no problems.
If you want to rent the electric car in Kharkiv, please contact RentUacar managers. We have a large choice of cars, you can rent a car with or without deposit, and use the help of professional driver. Renting the electric car at our company will cost at $33 per day in case of long-term contract.
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