Rent a retro car in Kharkov

Vintage car rental: make your celebration unforgettable with RentUacar

The service of renting the vintage car in Kharkiv is a unique opportunity to create a unique atmosphere at any event, and a great idea for a memorable photo shoot. In everyday life it is problematic to move around the city in the vintage car with folding roof or unusual interior finish. Such cars often have no air conditioning and other gadgets familiar to drivers. So there are few people who like to drive vintage cars on a regular basis.
However, it is quite a reasonable solution to rent a vintage car in Kharkiv for birthday celebrations, presentation of any goods and wedding ceremony. The unusual body design will perfectly complement the retrospective decor, emphasizing the themed party outfits, suit and dress of the newlyweds, restaurant exterior and other.
In addition, the idea of renting a vintage wedding car in Kharkiv will certainly please the guests. They will be able to create bright and memorable photos against the background of vintage car or in its interior. Demo drive in interesting car even at short distance for many will become an additional reason for delight.

Vintage car rental in Kharkiv on favorable terms and conditions at RentUacar

For several years RentUacar has been offering its clients a service of renting cars of different price categories. The fleet of the company includes models of economy, middle and executive class, as well as SUVs and minivans. The rest of the fleet is made up of unusual cars - vintage cars used for movement in the last century.

Advantages of vintage car rental in Kharkov at RentUacar:

  • affordable prices - cost of the service starts at $45 per day and varies depending on the car model;
  • minimum requirements - vintage car rental in Kharkiv is available to all adult drivers with driving experience of at least 1-2 years. The papers can easily be drawn up by both residents of Ukraine and foreign drivers;
  • no additional certificates are required - it is enough for the client to provide valid driving license, passport and tax identification number. The foreign citizen should only provide driving license and passport;
  • ideal fleet condition - before each rental of vintage car in Kharkiv its serviceability is checked by RentUacar mechanics, and the tidy fleet condition is monitored by experienced managers;
  • you can do without deposit - if driver does not want to or cannot leave the deposit, he can still use the service in our company. In this case renting a vintage car in Kharkiv will cost $10-15 more per day;
  • services of driver - in necessary, the clients can use the service of professional driver. A specially trained person will accompany you for any time, take you to designated locations or to the right locations for a photo shoot. If you plan to rent a wedding vintage car in Kharkiv, it is worth seriously thinking about the driver. Our employee will significantly reduce the load on the newlyweds and assume all risks related to possible faults, accidents or force majeure.

For whom the service is designed

  • photographers and videographers;
  • newlyweds;
  • lovers;
  • event organizers.
If you are interested in renting a wedding vintage car in Kharkiv or plan to organize another solemn event, please contact RentUacar. The employees of the company will be happy to advise you on any issue, offer the optimum car models for rent, additional equipment or will equip the trunk with the necessary equipment.
Those who came to the metropolis from another city do not have the opportunity to find props for a photo shoot or special sports equipment. Upon advance agreement our managers will provide a full package of services in addition to wedding vintage car rental in Kharkiv. Even if there will be no necessary things or decor in the office, the employees will surely find the contacts of studios or shops where you can find the missing items.
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