Rent a car for a wedding in Kharkov

Rental of wedding car of any class

RentUAcar helps its clients to make any event unforgettable and more solemn. You can rent a wedding car in Kharkiv on our website or in the office at the most affordable prices. The company has a huge choice of cars from economy class to SUVs and minivans, which are ideal for events of different sizes.
You can rent a fuel-efficient Volkswagen Polo Sedan at a price of $28 per day for modest wedding ceremonies. Or rent modern Toyota Camry E50 at $55, classic Mercedes E-class at $125 or first-class Lexus ES at $185 per day. SUVs of leading automakers such as Toyota, Honda, Kia, Mitsubishi, Nissan and others are available for connoisseurs of powerful all-wheel drive cars.

Wedding car rental: service options at RentUAcar

Our company in Kharkiv understands how important the wedding is for the newlyweds. That is why our fleet includes only models of the up-to-date body design, without dents, deep scratches and other obvious defects. At the same time, the car condition is 100% serviceable: there will be no unexpected breakdowns or unpleasant situations related to failure. This also guarantees a high level of reliability on the road, ensures timely braking and actuation of main safety systems. The groom and bride do not need to worry about such things, can enjoy the memorable event and fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of celebration.
In addition, we thought of several options for car rental. This will help to organize the holiday according to the concept and not to worry about details. The following rental services are available to our clients:
  1. without driver - choice of couples who don't plan to spend money on a big wedding. Usually the groom drives the car by himself throughout the celebration or assigns this duty to best man and relative. The advantage of this service is that the car is inexpensive and you don't need to worry about budget overrun. However, the disadvantages include nerves associated with driving, lack of full rest and need to pay deposit. You cannot rent a car without it. The temporary driver at the wedding will also not be allowed to drink or he will have to leave the rental car in the parking lot of the cafe/restaurant;
  2. with driver - ideal solution for events of different size. The RentUAcar employee in Kharkiv will be at the celebration as long as the newlyweds need. The undeniable advantage of the service is that the driver takes on all difficulties in driving a car. He is also fully responsible for the rented car in the unforeseen situation and you will not have to pay the deposit.

Car rental: how to choose the right model and rental period

When choosing the wedding car in Kharkiv, in addition to the available budget, focus on the car design and class. It is important to take into account the theme and design of the event, so that the newlyweds and locations fit perfectly with the car. If you plan simple or minimalistic celebration, it is better to pay attention to the models of Volkswagen and Mercedes brands. They have laconic body design and match with many wedding themes.
For luxurious and crowded ceremonies choose something more special. For example, Toyota SUVs or passenger options by Honda, Hyundai or Lexus. The smooth lines of their bodies, chic interior finish and modern details feature prominently among others.
We have 5 car categories: economy class, middle class, executive class, SUVs and minivans. You can rent the right option for a period from one day to a few days or even weeks. At the same time, for an additional payment the RentUAcar managers in Kharkiv will equip the interior with additional gadgets or equipment for sports and outdoor activities. Please contact in WhatsApp, Viber or by phone!
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