Rent Nissan Micra in Kiev

Rent Nissan Micra in Kiev Rental Leader
1.2 l (76 hp)
6.0 l / 100 km.
4 doors
4 seats
Front-wheel drive
Air conditioning
without Deposit
of days
with Deposit
$46 1-2 $35
$43 3-5 $33
$39 6-7 $30
$36 8-14 $28
$33 15-25 $25
$26 25+ $20
Deposit: $400

The price includes:

  • Mileage: 350 km per day
  • Comprehensive insurance(CDW)
  • Road assistance 24/7
  • Auto civil liability insurance

Requirements for the driver:

  • Minimum driver's age is 23 years
  • Driving experience not less than 2 years
  • Valid driver license

Nissan Micra has managed to maintain the traditional continuity and innovate design. The front and rear parts of the car have completely changed.

The model itself is very compact, so rent a Nissan Micra in Kiev for a large company -Not the best idea. To the design were added taillamps with LED sections.

The interior has also undergone modifications. In addition to the new management console, air ducts and multimedia systems, here, the color scale of the decoration was significantly expanded. The engine promises to be quite powerful. The car is equipped with an 80-horsepower engine 1.2. This reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

Hiring of Nissan Mikra in Kiev, you can experience the world's first continuously variable transmission with a sub-planetary gear system. It will provide the highest gear ratio, this guarantees fast response and economy even at low speeds.

The car suspension works without any complaints. Nissan Micra will provide a smooth ride even on a rough road and low noise in the cabin.

The model guarantees unsurpassed comfort and safety of driving - Not without purpose to rent a Nissan Micra in Kiev seek motorists of any age and sex.

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