Rent a retro car in Kiev

Vintage car rental in Kyiv - car for an unforgettable event

Vintage cars always arouse increased interest among people around and other drivers. Such cars look expensive, unusual and evoke the admiration deep inside. For this reason, the vintage car rental in Kyiv is so in demand among those who plan something special and want to surprise their loved ones.
Interesting body, contrasting interior finishing and odious wheels - this is all that fits perfectly into the concept of weddings, parties and themed events. Some use rented vintage cars as a photo props, others make them a party feature and others use the cars for its intended purpose exclusively for transportation. Although, regardless of the purpose, when renting, the client receives exactly what he wants.

RentUacar vintage car rental on favorable terms

RentUacar offers various options for vintage cars that are available to order in various colors and models. The client can easily choose a suitable model that can complement the party atmosphere, set the event the appropriate mood and conquer everyone with an outstanding body design.
You can book a vintage car rental either through the official website of the company or directly at the head office. The procedure takes a minimum of time, efforts and nerves. It will take no more than 5 minutes to register when working with a web resource, and in the office the manager will fill in the necessary papers within half an hour. If the client decides to use the services of a professional driver together with vintage car rental, it will take even less time to draw up the documents.
Our company does its best and does not deceive the clients. In cooperation with RentUacar, you get the right car and in perfect condition. The company managers monitor the cleanliness of the exterior and interior, and the perfect technical condition of the fleet is credited to the team of experienced auto mechanics.
Renting the vintage car for a wedding in Kyiv starts at $45. The price depends on the rental period, car model and additional client wishes. By agreement, the employees can decorate the car, equip it with additional equipment, photo props or other equipment.

Who can rent a vintage car?

  • Newlyweds - on the wedding day we want everything to be perfect and the celebration left only positive emotions. That is why the bride and groom carefully think through the theme, decor, outfits, etc. Renting a vintage car for wedding is another important item on this list, especially for retro style events;
  • Photographers - old cars allow creating the composition of the past, and they also look unusual in the photo. Thereby, the professional wedding, fashion and lifestyle photographers often rent vintage cars in Kyiv. There are many places in the capital where you can create the unforgettable photos from the past;
  • Event organizers - such companies often create creative spaces for parties, presentations, corporate events and anniversaries, where you cannot do without the appropriate transport. Depending on status of the celebration, event agencies rent cars with a unique appearance;
  • Lovers - this transport perfectly fits the romantic date vibe. For example, you can rent a vintage car in Kyiv to celebrate the anniversary, surprise the soul mate or make a proposal.
To apply for renting at RentUacar, please contact the company manager by phone +38 (067) 245-93-45 or +38 (066) 900-23-67.
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