Rent of electric cars in Lviv

Rent a Nissan Leaf in Kiev
Nissan Leaf
Electric Cars
without Deposit
of days
with Deposit
$65 1-2 $50
$60 3-5 $46
$55 6-7 $42
$49 8-14 $38
$46 15-25 $35
$43 25+ $33
without Deposit
with Deposit
Deposit: $500
Automatic 4 doors
90kW l (110 hp) 5 seats
Electric Front-wheel drive
43% заряда l / 100 km. Air conditioning
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RentUacar: 9 reasons to rent an electric car in Lviv

Lviv Oblast successfully closes 5 Oblasts with the largest number of electric cars. Focus magazine shared this data with Ukrainians in 2018. Lviv residents and residents of suburbs anxiously treat preservation of ecology and are happy to adopt environmentally friendly technologies from Europeans. Due to popularization of “green” cars among ordinary drivers, foreign drivers, travellers and business traveller do not lag behind. More and more visitors are trying to rent an electric car in Lviv, which has a favorable impact on the environment and at the same time allows saving money on fuel.
RentUacar offers clients the electric cars on favorable terms and conditions at the lowest price. Renting the electric car starts at $33 per day. At the same time, the person decides whether to leave a deposit in the office of the company or not. The only difference in renting the electric car in Lviv is the price of using the model per day. On average, 24 hours of rent without deposit will cost $10 more, with the long-term contract duration it is completely unfavorable. The deposit-free rent is more suitable for those who came to the city for 1-2 days.

Electric car rental in Lviv: 9 advantages of service

Despite the fact that the service of electric car rental is only gaining popularity, the drivers managed to highlight its main advantages. Based on the experience of their own clients, RentUacar collected 9 significant advantages of electric car rental in Lviv. Perhaps one of the points will help you to make a final decision to conclude a contract for the use of Nissan Leaf (the most popular model of electric car in the country).
  1. Savings - drivers do not need to regularly spend additional money on expensive fuel. When renting cars with ICE at RentUacar, the drivers should refuel the cars before returning. This is prescribed by the rules, because the client takes the car with full tank and should return the car to the manager in the same form;
  2. Mobility - with personal transport, it will be more convenient for visitors to move between districts, solve work issues or rest. Despite the developed public transport, it is much more convenient to rent an electric car in Lviv and not depend on the schedule of buses or minibuses;
  3. Acoustic comfort - there is no hum, noise and vibration from electric motor operation in the interior of “green” cars. Unlike standard motors, the battery does not produce unpleasant sounds that can disrupt the rest of driver or passengers;
  4. Ideal for city - outside the big city this type of cars will not yet be too useful, because there are no charging stations in remote areas. But there are enough places in the center and on the outskirts to fuel the engine free of charge;
  5. Stylish interior - for interior decoration manufacturers use dense fabric, environmentally friendly and durable plastic, natural leather, etc. At the same time, there is enough space in front and rear for comfortable seat of 5 adults;
  6. Unusual body design - such cars have a more interesting appearance than hatchbacks or sedans of economy or middle class. Usually, electric cars have more wedged headlights, futuristic lines and non-trivial design than analogues in the same price segment;
  7. Power and maneuverability - contrary to assumptions, the models with electronic engine are very cool in control. After drawing up the electric car rental in Lviv, the drivers will not regret. The electric cars gain speed smoothly and relatively quickly, are obedient and fit even the aggressive driving style;
  8. Reliability - with regular maintenance, the battery retains its original capacity for a long time and slowly loses its charge. It is especially important in traffic jams, in hot or cold weather, when it is necessary to stay on wheels as much as possible;
  9. Durability - such cars require slightly less care than regular car. That is why, even when renting a car, the driver may not worry that the electric motor will stall or another problem will arise.
To rent the electric car in Lviv, please contact RentUacar. Make an application online or contact the manager by phone or in messengers.
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