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Stylish and comfortable business class cars in Odessa

Business class car rent for trips around Odessa will give you a possibility to keep up the high status even while staying away from home and hometown. The VIP-class car will give a feeling of incredible comfort in any situation and you will not feel inconveniences when driving on a broken road. These vehicles always go soft and are they are designed so that the driver and passenger do not feel bumps, potholes and vibrations.
Our company offers customers business class car rental at the most affordable prices with the provision of a personal driver and without a driver. This will help to easily move between different areas, solve business issues in accordance with the usual way of life of the client and produce a pleasant impression on others.

When do you need luxury car rental?

Since Odessa is one of the centers of business life in Ukraine, there are many companies and industries here. And the availability of a seaport, a large railway station and an airport makes the city attractive to businessmen from all over the world.
People who hold important positions or develop their own business are not used to compromises. That's why they choose to rent luxury cars, and do not go around Odessa by taxi. It is not enough for them just to move around the city from one destination to another. They want to do it in conditions of maximum comfort and cleanliness.
Not all taxi companies have expensive cars in their fleet and maintain them in perfect condition. Therefore, wealthy guests of the city often order a short-term or long-term rental of transport with or without a driver. It depends on personal needs.
Luxury car rent in Odessa is suitable for those who are planning a luxury event and want everything to be at the highest level. This can be a party in honor of the opening of a branch of the company, the presentation of a new product or service, a wedding ceremony, prom, etc. You can rent your favorite model of the car for the organization of a special event for hire with a deposit. For example, it may be a romantic date, a marriage proposal or a celebration of the anniversary of the relationship. In this case, order rent for a day on our website and enjoy the best car in its class!

VIP car in the city: what brands of cars of business class we offer

The cars the fleet of our company meet the highest expectations of our customers at 100%, they are kept in perfect order and undergo regular maintenance. At the same time, they are relatively inexpensive for rental, you can make pictures at it with pride and show them to the guests, business partners or others, and there is not a single flaw in the cabin. Cars are provided in full configuration with a full tank of fuel, tires that are appropriate for the current season, full insurance. 
VIP car Odessa - we have several popular brands that are highly respects among drivers around the world. Motorists and businessmen appreciate their stylish and refined appearance, hassle-free maintenance and durability. In our office or on the website one can rent expensive cars like Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, Mercedes and others. 
Presented models are outstanding due to their body design and they were manufactured not so long ago. This is especially good for those who are looking at a particular car and want to fully assess the technical capabilities of the transport. For such cases, we provide car rental under the conditions of a multi-application. The client alternately receives two or more cars at his disposal to compare their capabilities and decide on the further purchase of a car. This significantly saves your budget and allows you to try your possible future vehicle before an expensive purchase. Renting a VIP car for such purposes is better than then messing with the resale of the vehicle and buying another model. 

Business class car rental without a driver in Odessa: advantages of working with us

  • Loyal attitude to customers – our company does not put forward any crazy demands to customers and does not impose fines on them without objective reasons. In the office or on our website citizens of Ukraine and other countries without serious restrictions can order such a rental. The main thing is that you must be of age, have a valid driver's license, passport and identification code (foreign passport for residents of other countries), as well as driving experience of at least 1-2 years;
  • Brand new and reliable cars - when returning the vehicle, the technical service staff carefully checks the serviceability of the units, the integrity of the LCP, the interior, etc. This guarantees a high degree of reliability of the car and ensures its serviceability in all situations;
  • Affordable prices- business class car rent without a driver starts from $ 55, which is quite cheap for a fleet of such a high class. Long-term car rental is much cheaper, and regular customers are provided with significant discounts. Please note that we do not provide rental without a deposit. We return everything in full at the end of the lease, provided that the car is 100% in order;
  • Additional services - business class car rent without a driver at the request of the client is accompanied by a lot of options, which is very convenient.
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