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Stylish and safe cars of economy class for rent in Odessa

Economy class vehicles are the choice of those who prefer compact and "obedient" cars. The advantage of such cars is their relatively low fuel consumption in terms of movement around the city or highway. In addition, a subcompact is easy to drive in both dry and adverse weather and it easily bypasses any obstacles. Another plus of this class is that such car rental Odessa is inexpensive and affordable for absolutely everyone;
Our company offers you the rental of car rental in this category on the most favorable terms. We have the most popular models of cars by leading concerns, which are regularly thoroughly tested and look perfect. Available cars: Nissan Micra, Kia Rio, Hyundai Accent, Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Polo Sedan and others.

Cheap car rent: features of working with us

If you need a short-term or long-term cheap car rent, on you can easily choose the best option for yourself our website or in the office. Residents of the city can rent a car for a period of 24 hours to go out of town, shopping or on other business. The cost of one day is only $ 35. 
Guests of the city from other countries, tourists or employees of large companies may enjoy long-term car rent for 2-3 weeks. The rental price in this situation is reduced by 5-10$ per day (depending on the model), allowing to move between attractions or business points of Odessa without any problems. 
Another plus of working with our company is a huge list of additional services. One can order cheap car rental with a driver, buy fuel for cars, order a model to be driven by multiple drivers or even change vehicles daily. To do this, together with the manager, make a multi-application for available models from our fleet and pick up the car at the appointed time. It is perfect for those who do not like to travel for a long time by 1 car or want to know the advantages/disadvantages of transport before buying. 
It is enough to provide a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, valid driver's license and identification code to rent a vehicle for a day 
If you are a citizen of another country, it is enough to have a driver's license and passport. Also, to rent a car without a driver, the client must be of age and have driving experience of at least 1-2 years.

What model of economy class to choose?

The right economy class car rental begins with the selection of important technical characteristics and appearance of the body. This will allow you not to feel discomfort when driving around the city, feel the car better and enjoy the trip. 
  • Design. Anyway, rented transport should also be like by the driver and it should make him proud. Even if the car rented and you become its owner for just a couple of days, you should not abandon the status feeling or attention of others. Our fleet includes models in a super compact body, hatchbacks with extended or restyled body. This will allow you to easily choose a car for a low price, taking into account all the details.
  • Technical criterion. Small cars also have a lot of options that are important for the driver and simplify driving. For example, for some people it is important to have an exclusively automatic transmission. The others require serviceable electric system and adjustable steering wheel. In our company customers can pick up a car taking into account all wishes concerning technical characteristics. Specialists of the Technical Department will provide you with any information you need. Cheap car rental does not reduce the responsibility for the safety of the client and the serviceability of all-important systems.
  • The presence of a navigator and other equipment. All modifications of economy-class cars of our fleet are equipped with navigators to build a convenient route, as well as some other equipment. So nonresident drivers cannot may not worry about the fact that they do not know the city and get from one area to another without incident. At the same time, one can always turn on favorite music, adjust the air conditioning or heating to a comfortable temperature.
  • With or without a driver. Decide if you need the services of a driver or you are able to do without a driver. Our experts recommend using this service if you plan to rent a car for a holiday, a day of rest or if you are not sure of your driving abilities. This will save you energy, nerves and will allow you to feel safe on the road of a big city with huge traffic. You can always rent a cheap car in Odessa, ensuring a perfect holiday, regardless of the length of stay in the city or the purpose of the rental.

Cheap car rental: advantages of the service 

Cheap car rental on our website cannot be performed without a deposit, passport or driver's license. At the same time, we are loyal to our customers and provide them with flexible rental conditions. They can both change cars every 24 hours and move more than 350 km per day with a minimum surcharge, and use the help of a driver or arrange a rental for several people.
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