Rent of electric cars in Odessa

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Electric car rental in Odessa: environmental friendliness, convenience and reliability

RentUacar company offers Ukrainian and foreign drivers the rent of an electric car in Odessa on favorable terms. On the website and in the office of the company, customers can order a long-term or short-term rent of "green" cars for the price starting from $33 per day. So motorists get a unique opportunity to drive their own electric vehicles, preserve the environment and not to spend extra money on gasoline.
Since Odessa is a large city, there is a large number of charging stations for cars of this class. It is unlikely that anyone will have difficulties with recharging the battery of the vehicle or comfortably move almost for any distances.
Electric car rent in Odessa is usually order for driving in the city, which is quite reasonable. The suburb is still poorly adapted for travelling by electric motor transport. Drivers should think over the route so that every 80-120 km they can recharge the car battery. On the other hand customers do not have to add 7-10 liters of gasoline every 100 km (depending on the engine capacity), spend large sums and overpay. In extreme cases, the electric car can be connected to the main network. It is better to do it at night and in homes with a two-tariff meter installed.
In the city, motorists face a large number of traffic jams, traffic lights and stops. With a conventional gasoline or diesel engine in such a situation, transport consumes 20-30% more fuel. And using an electric car in Odessa, a client may not worry about anything like that. Consumption of electric battery is extremely low even in very long traffic jams-drivers do not have to pay for the air and the loss of their own time.

Advantages of renting an electric car in Odessa from RentUacar

RentUacar offers the most loyal terms of cooperation for motorists. That is why more and more people are thinking about renting an electric car in Odessa or any other Ukrainian office of the company. It is enough to meet several mandatory criteria of the company and one can use the most economical transport. 
You must be an adult, have 1-2 years of driving experience, a valid driver's license and identity documents (passport and ITN or foreign passport). We also provide rental service of the model you like with or without a deposit. In the first case, the daily rent i $ 10-15 s cheaper, and in the second you case you may not deposit $500 as a guarantee of the integrity of the car. 
However, these are not all the advantages of an electric car rent n Odessa. "Green" vehicles have the following advantages:
  • Low noise – unlike powerful sedans and SUVs, these cars produce almost no noise. Regardless of the speed electric cars produce minimum noise, which creates an ideal acoustic comfort in the cabin;
  • No exhaust gas – when using such models, harmful substances are not released in the atmosphere, which reduces the negative impact on the ozone layer and the atmosphere;
  • Stylish interior-since this is a relatively young class of vehicles, designers are trying to make interior very interesting and pleasant. There is enough space for things inside, passengers and driver can easily fit inside and feel comfortable;
  • Reliability and durability - with proper maintenance, the engine of an electronic machine lasts longer than a conventional gasoline engine. And if the driver accelerates and slows down smoothly, one does not need to worry about the battery performance.
In RentUacar, customers can order an electric car rent in Odessa for a period starting from 24 hours to several months or longer. In order to reserve a car, you can use the website or contact the managers of the company by phone numbers or via messengers. Booking on the web resource is available 24/7. During business hours, the staff will contact you within an hour, and when making an application at night-at the time specified in the application form.
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