Rent a car of the middle class in Odessa

Possible pick-up location in Odessa

Mid-range cars: fast, affordable and stylish

Middle class vehicles have the advantages of economy and business class cars at the same time. They are easy to drive, consume relatively little fuel, and are suitable for both leisure and business tasks.
Such models combine comfortable control, status look, easily maneuver on the road and attract the attention with the lines of the body. But at the same time, renting a middle-class car is a little more expensive than renting small cars, and its spectacular design is not inferior to more expensive cars.

What problems are solved by renting a middle-class car in Odessa

Odessa is a huge port city, where many attractions, shopping and business centers are concentrated. There is a well-developed public transport system, due to which you can easily move between the districts. However, not everyone wishes to spend time waiting for a taxi, studying the bus schedule or change one train to another. Tourists, travelers and busy people prefer car rent to the mentioned methods of transportation.
First, of all a personal, albeit temporary means of transportation is more comfortable. Secondly, a person easily manages personal time and my not rush anywhere. This is especially convenient for exploring the monuments or museums of the city. And thirdly, renting a car of the middle class allows one to feel more confident, raises the status of a person in the eyes of others and in some cases helps to save money.
In what situations is it recommended to rent a car for a day or more:
  • a trip out of town;
  • huge shopping;
  • resolving domestic or work problems;
  • business trip;
  • business meeting;
  • visit for tourist purpose;
  • rest by the sea;
  • solemn event;
  • wedding, etc.
If you plan to travel a lot by car during the day, and a taxi will be is too expensive, rent will be the best option to solve the problem. One can rent a car from our fleet with a deposit for every taste and at the same time buy a full tank of fuel at a lower price.
And those who do not know how to drive or do not want to waste time, can rent a car with a driver. This will cost a little more than a standard rental vehicle, but will open up more opportunities for customers.
For example, you cannot worry about the huge traffic, not to be distracted from work or quietly go to the celebration. The driver will take you to any point in complete safety, he perfectly knows the streets of Odessa and will be around as long as you need.

Rental of available models and their advantages

In the office or on the website of the company the most popular models of cars of the middle class are available for rent. All of them undergo regular maintenance, and are carefully checked by the Technical Department during the return and before delivery. This guarantees 100% serviceability of all units, perfect condition of the cabin and body.
The following vehicles can be inexpensively rented from us:
  • Volkswagen Golf 7; 
  • Renault Fluence; 
  • Ford Focus 3; 
  • Toyota Corolla; 
  • Mitsubishi Lancer X;
  • Ford Focus 3 Wagon; 
  • Hyundai Elantra 2012; 
  • Skoda Octavia A7;
  • Hyundai i30 CW, etc.
The fleet includes only modern and stylish cars, which are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable driving in Odessa without a driver. At the same time, all cars are brand new, not shabby and produce an exceptionally positive impression on others. They are also equipped with navigators for those who are not familiar with the city and want to thoroughly explore it or came here solely for business purposes.
Car rental in Odessa from our office is provided to customers with a lot of other serviceable devices. For example, a modern audio system, air conditioning and stove to adjust the temperature in the cabin at any time of the year.
Rubber on the cars always corresponds to the current season, it is not worn and allows you to comfortably drive transport on the road regardless of the season. In addition, you get insurance against unforeseen situations, accidents and other incidents. Even before the conclusion of the contract, drivers can consult with a manager by phone, in one of the messengers or in person. The employee will talk about the advantages of each passenger car, will choose the optimal modification and model, taking into account the available budget.
Car rental in Odessa in our company is provided to customers with high service and at low prices. But this does not affect the condition of vehicles, their appearance or reliability, and regular customers are provided with discounts and bonuses.

How to arrange a middle-class car rental in Odessa

  1. The driver must be of age;
  2. The driver's license must be valid;
  3. The driver must have driving experience of at least 1-2 years;
  4. We do not provide car rental without a deposit;
  5. To apply one needs a passport and an identification code (for residents of Ukraine) or foreign passport (for residents of other countries).
We middle class car rent quite quickly. To begin, contact the Manager in any convenient way, then select your favorite model from the fleet, prepare the necessary documents and arrange the papers. And at the end of the rental period return the car safe and sound to pick up the Deposit.
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