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Advantages and features of renting a minivan in Odessa

Minivan rent in Odessa - the best solution for those who are planning a vacation with the whole family or travel with a large group of people. This category of vehicles combines a stylish body and the power of an SUV, as well as the capacity of a standard minibus. However, a minivan provides a greater degree of reliability, looks neater and forms a pleasant impression of the driver.
Our company offers to rent such a car at an affordable price. Van fleet is divided into two categories - passenger and cargo. Therefore, renting a minivan of large capacity with a driver is suitable for excursions or transportation of passengers from the airport, port or railway station. In turn, short-term or long-term rental of a smaller minivan is better for families or friends. 

Bus rent in Odessa: when you need to rent a roomy car

  • Excursions. Odessa is a city with a rich history, beautiful architecture and a lot of monuments. It is difficult to familiarize yourself with them even for the indigenous residents of the city, as not everyone can correctly make up the route. Bus rent in Odessa will allow you quickly and without any inconvenience to visit the sights of interest, without wasting precious time and nerves on public transport;
  • Rest. People often also come to our city to rest on the shores of the Black sea and its surroundings, which is not easy without a personal car. In such situations, locals and travelers prefer at least a day to rent a minivan to go out of town or to the beach. The car easily accommodates several people, backpacks, necessary things and food supplies. It is a perfect solution for a comfortable stay;
  • Shopping. It's hard for big families to go shopping every week. Big packs do not always fit in a taxi. In such a situation, renting a minivan for a day will allow you to save energy, choose the best offer among several shopping centers and get home without stress. In case a person does not need a car for other purposes, it is cheaper for a person to rent a van with a deposit than to buy own vehicle;
  • Celebration. Big presentations, birthdays, weddings and graduations always host dozens or even hundreds of guests. That is why many people prefer to rent a minivan to comfortably deliver the guests to the place of the event and organize their return journey without any force majeure situations. These cars look beautiful, and can still be decorated with appropriate symbols. For example, balloons, flowers, banners and other things to create the appropriate atmosphere of the event;
  • Transfer of tourists. Minivan rent in our company also allows you to easily transport guests from the railway station, airport or other places to the hotel, the meeting point of the tour group, etc. In addition, you can ask the employee to equip the van with a navigator to navigate the districts and streets of Odessa without assistance. It is a great solution when renting a minivan without a driver and transportation of passengers is performed by the curator of the group or one of the tourists;
  • Resolving business issues. Often minivan rental is ordered by employees of one company or heads of small departments of the company, who arrived in the city for a short period of time. Such clients need to rent a minivan for group visits to various manufacturing sites, training centers. The car with a spacious interior allows you to move comfortably between several places, not to depend on the schedule of public transport and even relax on the way. 
Minivan rent in Odessa: rental conditions and registration of the application
Minivan rent in Odessa is quite simple and does not require much time. We do not ask to present a large number of documents or to fill out dozens of forms.
It is enough:
  • to present a valid driver's license;
  • to have driving experience of about 1-2 years;
  • to provide passport + identification code (for citizens of Ukraine) or foreign passport (for citizens of other countries) for application registration;
  • to provide a deposit for the car in accordance with its class (our company does not work without a deposit).
Customers are offered a big choice of vans from the fleet of the company at a price of $ 45 per day in perfect condition. You can rent: Hyundai H-1, Volkswagen Caddy, Mercedes V-class and Volkswagen Multivan. Minivan rent in Odessa without a driver is carried out in a few minutes. It is enough to contact our Manager, choose a car model, provide documents, sign papers and pick up the car.
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