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Rent an SUV for travels in Odessa

SUVs belong to the category of vehicles that is suitable for businessmen, and for large families, and for lovers of travel. They increase the status of the owner on the road, attract everyone's attention, they are safe, gently and quietly move along the road and can accommodate 5 passengers. These cars are incredibly convenient for movement through the city, outside the city and for solving other everyday tasks. 
In our company SUV rent Odessa is in high demand. In a big city, it is not difficult to do without a personal vehicle. You can always take a taxi or go by minibus. However, this option is not suitable for everyone. For tourists, when organizing celebrations, meeting business partners or customers from another country, it is much easier to arrange a jeep rental. 
This allows you to quickly move around different areas, make purchases in any major shopping centers, easily move between the airport, seaport and railway station. You can also make a schedule of the day at your discretion, not depending on the schedule of public transport or other unforeseen factors.

Advantages of working with us

Our company offers favorable conditions to customers from Ukraine and other countries. In our Odessa office, you can cheaply rent serviceable jeeps of popular brands for a day or for a longer term. All models of cars are regularly checked, they are up to date and not worn out. This ensures the highest degree of safety on the road, allows you not to worry about possible breakdowns and other troubles.
Also, the rental price of the vehicle you like includes 350 km of mileage. And if you suddenly exceeded the limit, you will pay only $ 0.15 for each "extra" kilometer. Therefore, renting an SUV on our website is especially beneficial to people who plan to go out of town or see the sights of Odessa. Ordering a taxi for a day will be several times more expensive.
We do not require a lot of documents from customers before you arrange a car rental. Short-term and long-term car rental with us is arranged in the presence of three documents.
You should show only:
  • Ukrainian passport or foreign passport;
  • identification code (for residents of Ukraine);
  • valid driver's license.
Jeep rental without a driver is arranged only if you have a driver's license and driving experience of about 1-2 years. If the document has expired or you are just learning to drive, you can use additional services of the company. One of them is the provision of a jeep with a driver at any time. It is also the best solution for those who do not know the city well and do not know how to use the navigator or want to relax in the back seat of the car.
Many local and visiting businessmen in Odessa, too, often cannot do without a driver. Our employee allows clients not to be distracted from important things even on the road, to negotiate or solve business issues directly in the jeep. Since the machines have a roomy interior, it can easily accommodate a laptop and documents, or even several business partners.

Jeep rental: selection of vehicles on the website

The company provides a choice of several brand-new SUVs that meet most of the requirements of wealthy customers. First, they look stylish and are admired by absolutely everyone. Secondly, they make you to feel confident on the road and broken asphalt, and even in heavy snow. Third, renting an SUV from our fleet maintains a high status of a businessman.
Rent jeeps in Odessa on the site is carried out only with a deposit and will pleasantly surprise you with affordable prices. For this class of vehicles, the cost of rental per day starts from $ 75 and depends on the model of the SUV. Although applications are not accepted without a deposit, a system of bonuses and incentives is provided for regular customers. If you rent a car for more than 30 days, then the amount for 1 day does not start with$ 75, but with $ 50. This is a great deal for those who stay in Odessa for longer than a month, but do not plan to buy a personal SUV.
Customers can choose to rent the following models of jeeps:
  • Kia Sportage;
  • Nissan X-Trail;
  • Honda CR-V;
  • Toyota Rav4;
  • The Mitsubishi Outlander.
SUV rent - we provide all necessary documents that may be needed in unforeseen circumstances. You get a motor liability insurance and a fully comprehensive insurance. You can also buy fuel from us, stipulate the installation of additional equipment in the car, etc. 
SUV rental is available only to adult drivers, regardless of the city and country of residence. You also get the full support of consultants and can contact the employee for assistance at any time. All jeeps carefully tested to exclude unforeseen situations on the road.
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