Rent a car for a wedding in Odessa

Rental of a car for a wedding in Odessa

The wedding ceremony and its celebration is one of the most important events in the life of every person. That's why the newlyweds carefully consider every detail, including the appearance, color and model of transport to move around the city. RentUacar company offers a car for a wedding in Odessa in 5 classes at a price starting from $45 per day. 
At the same time, customers can rent the vehicle they like with a chauffeur who will accompany the bride and groom during the day. Cheap car rental in Odessa with a driver will raise the party to a higher level, and without much effort.
The fleet of our company includes a huge number of cars. On the official website of the company and in the office, you can order economy class cars, business class sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks or even retro cars for a wedding in Odessa. Thanks to this approach, drivers and organizers of celebrations in about half an hour will pick up the right option of transport, based on the concept of the holiday and its budget.

Rental of a car for a wedding in Odessa: perfect appearance and technical condition

In addition to the diversity RentUacar offers its customers a high level of service. Managers and our own team of mechanics regularly check the condition of the cars so the cars rented for the wedding in Odessa fully meet the expectations of motorists, they look stylish and neat, and they do not fail on the road.
Employees of the office after each delivery of transport wash the body of the car and perform the interior cleaning. Since the seat upholstery is 100% clean and has no foreign odors, the outfits of the newlyweds when renting a car for a wedding in Odessa will save a neat look. The body of the car is also always very clean. Wedding cars for rent in Odessa from the fleet of RentUacar are not dusty and shine pleasantly in the sun. At the additional request of the client, the car can be polished to create a maximum pleasant impression on the guests of the event.
Another important point – all cars for rent for a wedding in Odessa are regularly tested and checked for serviceability of security systems. In addition to the fact that the vehicle looks beautiful, customers are fully confident in its serviceability. So, during a car ride around the city or a suburb a car will not stall in the middle of the road. It is important for us not only to maintain the external gloss, but also to provide the driver and passengers with complete safety.

The price of the cars for a wedding in Odessa according to their classes

The cost of the car rental depends on the class and model. RentUacar offers customers 5 classes of vehicles in the actual body and only those manufactured by proven brands. There are no models of Chinese automakers or little-known manufacturers in the company's fleet.

You can check the prices of cars for weddings in Odessa on the website of RentUacar:

  • Economy class is the most affordable option, which is chosen by people with a limited budget or for thematic photo shoots. The rental of a car of such category for a wedding in Odessa starts from $25-30 per day;
  • Middle class – you can easily choose stylish sedans with unusual design of a body among vehicles of this category. Rental of a wedding car in Odessa from this section will cost about $35 for 24 hours; 
  • Business class – this is the most popular option among the newlyweds. First, such cars look modern and elegant. Secondly, there is a premium interior finish. And thirdly, such a car for a wedding in Odessa creates the most solemn atmosphere and causes admiration of others
  • SUVs - spacious vehicles which are seldom chosen by newlyweds. The rental of a car of such category in Odessa for a wedding from this category best fits into the concept of events that are held away from the city, for example, in a mountainous or wooded area and on a deserted seashore, which is difficult to reach by small car or elegant sedan. If you organize a celebration in the style of rustic, Provence or eco, the rental of a wedding car of this class in Odessa will set off the colors of wild nature. And the service will cost only $40 per day;
  • Vans and minivans - such transport is taken in order to transport guests from the Registry Office to the restaurant or to transfer guests home. Ordering a minibus for a wedding in Odessa greatly simplifies the life of the newlyweds and saves their nerves. So, all guests will be simultaneously delivered to the desired point and nobody has to wait for anyone. The cost of one van, depending on capacity, starts at $45 for 24 hours.
Rare vehicles from past eras are special n this list. Since some couples want to stand out, they opt for a retro concept for the wedding ceremony. That is why in addition to modern models in RentUacar you can order a car for a wedding in Odessa in retro style at an extremely affordable price. The cost of the service starts at $45 per day, and the cars are kept in excellent condition and perfectly maintained.

Car for a wedding in Odessa with a driver from RentUacar

In addition to standard services and free advice customers can rent a cat for a wedding in Odessa with a personal chauffeur at an affordable price. For registration of service it is necessary to tell in advance to the employee about the desire to hire the driver, to tell approximate time of work of the driver and to sign the corresponding papers. The cost of car rental for a wedding in Odessa with a driver depends on the criteria listed above.
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