Terms and conditions of rental

Requirements for the driver:

  • Minimum driver's age is 23 years
  • Driving experience not less than 2 years
  • Valid driver license.

Required documents:

  • Driver license
  • Passport
  • Identification code (only for  citizens of Ukrain)
  • International Passport (only for foreigners)
  • Tenant photo (done on the spot)

Car rental includes

Mileage per day should be 350km, auto civil liability insurance, comprehensive insurance and road assistance 24/7. If the mileage exceeded an additional payment will be taken at a rate of 0.15$ (or equivalent amount in other currency) per 1km.

Fuel policy

RentUAcar propouses to buy required amount of fuel for your trip at a bargin price. Herewith costs can be included to accounting document for more convenience. All cars are provided with a full tank of fuel and should be returned full. Otherwise refueling charge will be applied.

Personal driver

You can rent a car with personal driver. The rate for this service can be found in the Additional service section.

Rental period

The minimum duration of car rent is one day or 24 hours. In the case of renting a car for less period the peyment will be charged per one day.


Rent fees are paid at the begining of rental term before provision of a car. It is necessary to pay a deposit specified size depending on car type to cover the insurance excess. The deposit will be returned after finishing of rental period providing that the vehicle is returned in the same condition as rented. In case of return the car earlier than specified in the contract there is no refund.

Provision and returns

Provision and return of rented cars is carried out in our office from 9am to 7pm, Naberegno-Lugova str. 12. Also we can deliver or pick up a car anywhere in the Kiev, at the airports Zhuliany and Borispol, as well as at the railway station at any time. Fees for this service out of the company office you can find in the Additional service section.

Driver of rented car

Rented car can be driven by one or more drivers if necessary. Each driver needs to provide the required documents.

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