The Long-term Car Rental

Business trip or breaking of your own transport - two main reasons for long-term rental. Even if the machine is required for two-three months, that is no reason to spend a lot of money to buy it. Rent a car allows you to get rid of all the problems at once: you do not need to worry about technical inspection or breakage of parts, you have the same rights and freedoms as like driving of your own transport, which allows you to work as efficiently as before.

Long Term Rental Cars: How to Choose a Car?

  1. The first step is to calculate the number of passengers you’ll carry. If the car is planned to transport only customer with a driver, it will suit any car from economy to business category, but for larger groups require a minivan or minibus. Long-term car rental includes using of a multifunctional transport, it should be replaced for you both cargo transportation and public line movement.
  2. Brand of the machine indicates the opulence of its owner. If you want to enjoy not only a means of transportation, but also to use a car to enhance the reputation, it is worth to pay attention to SUVs and business class. However, some models of the economy class may create a furor among friends and familiar people if you have never before had a car.
  3. Long-term car hire implies its excellent condition and high technical performance. We vouch for the reliability of provided car, but the speed, complexity handling, traffic safety and the other depends on the brand. The easiest way to drive the most budget modifications. There is no big investments to provide the control panel variety of options that will surely at hand of a begginer.

Rent a Car for a Month: Are There Values?

Car rental in rentUacar means complete freedom of owning a car. You pay for the selected term of the lease and get the keys. During the whole duration of our contract you will not be bothered with questions from manager about transport status and its location. It is worth to apply for provision of services to us, and here's why.

  1. Our company is quite large, therefore, provides rental services for loyal prices.
  2. No need for a long search options - all models are available for long-term rental cars if you can’t make the right choice, you should consult your manager.
  3. Huge fleet gives you an opportunity to pick up transport for any purpose.
  4. Different colors, modification and configuration of cars allow them to adjust to the desires of customers, as well as combined with the thickness of the purse.
  5. We issue for use only tested machines. Technician inspects them before and after the rental that guarantees the absence of unscheduled.

The Long-term Car Rental in Kiev: Price for Services

As a rule, passenger car rental gives for a period of several hours and up to infinity. Order is available at any time of the day, we do not recognize the weekends and make it possible for you to feel comfortable using our services. You determine the color and brand, you can choose the model year from variety of modifications, the type of transmission and the inner packaging of cars. The cost depends on the time of hire, the presence or absence of the driver, and external technical characteristics, as well as the car class. Information about the documents and lease terms are on the site, moreover they can clarify at the manager. Anyway, rent a car for a month costs about 2-3 times cheaper than the same period of taxi services, but gives more advantages in the freedom of movement.

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