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Business class car rental in Zaporizhia - choice of demanding clients

Business class car rental in Zaporizhia is the best solution for organization of wedding, presentation or the most comfortable movement around the city. RentUAcar offers residents and guests of the city favorable conditions for rental of executive cars per day, month or more. The daily rent of cars of this class from our fleet starts at $46. Moreover, their condition and appearance will please even demanding foreigners.
The employees of technical department and managers keep VIP car clean, regularly check the body condition and reliability of all important systems. That is why you don't have to worry about your own safety on the road, enjoying the fast movement around the city in a first-class car.
Due to the attractive appearance and high level of fleet servicing, business class car rental at RentUAcar-Zaporizhia is no different from driving your own car. You can quickly and without delays move from Kosmos to Borodynskyi District, visit production facilities or popular recreational facilities. At the same time, you get a car with full tank, set of seasonal tyres, as well as driving documents and insurance.
Each model is also equipped with automatic transmission, navigator and climate control. We provided all the details so that the luxury car rental gives maximum pleasure and is in line with a first-class lifestyle. Another advantage is that we have no cars in a worn out or irrelevant body design. This will especially appeal to businessmen, people of position and organizers of first-class events for wealthy people.

Luxury car rental: benefits of working with us

If client needs to rent a business class car, he is not ready to compromise. Such drivers choose the best, even away from home. They do not want to explore Zaporizhia or travel around the city by taxi or car of lower class. For this reason, they turn to RentUAcar and receive the following:
  1. Wide range of cars of leading world brands - we have a variety of cars of American, European and Asian automobile companies. The clients can choose the cars of Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, Mercedes and other brands in the best configuration;
  2. Loyal application conditions - our company in Zaporizhia does not require anything impossible or complicated from the drivers. We often make advances for clients, choose the best car option and offer discounts. The main thing is that you are over 23 years of age, have driving experience of at least 1-2 years and provide valid driving license;
  3. Minimum number of documents - luxury car rental is available to those who provided driving license, passport of a citizen of Ukraine and identification code. The residents of other countries need only driving license and passport. The photos and copies of provided documents are made at the spot;
  4. Reasonable deposit - as we care about the perfect condition of cars, the car rental applications without deposit are not considered. The deposit amount is not too high for a car of this class and is returned in full upon expiration of the rental period. Money is charged when drawing up the documents, and the amount is from $700;
  5. Constant information support - managers of the company work without breaks and weekends, so they are always ready to answer questions of the client. Please contact our employees through the “Call Back” form on the website, contact phone numbers or in the instant messengers;
  6. Additional services - rental of expensive cars or cars of lower class is accompanied by a lot of options. For example, the client can specify to equip the interior with a child car seat for child safety, sports equipment or gadgets. The cost of rental items not included in the standard equipment is quite a symbolic amount. For renting a car seat, router or GPS per day you need to pay only $3.

Luxury car rental options at RentUAcar

On our site, VIP car rental with a deposit is available in several options. This will allow you to calculate your rental budget in advance, not to overpay or even get a significant bonus.
  • For 24 hours - the most common service that is suitable for organization of memorable events or unforgettable romantic dates. If you want to create the unforgettable memories of any event or celebration, this will be the best solution;
  • Long-term car rental - suitable for businessmen or officials who arrived in the city on work or on a business trip. This category of people needs to emphasize high status and often have to meet serious people. The executive car will best emphasize the prosperity, as well as personality of the driver;
  • Cheap without driver - the choice of those who love to drive a car and enjoy exploring a new city. If you have enough experience and special driving style, you should rent a car without driver;
  • With driver - this service option is designed for several categories of clients. Usually the car with driver is rented for weddings, by people without driving license or those who are used to work anytime and anywhere.
To rent, get an advice or obtain more information, please contact RentUAcar managers. They will be happy to answer any questions, help with the application or solve any other issues related to business class car rental in Zaporizhia.
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