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Rental of economy class car in Zaporizhia: fast, reliable and cheap

The economy class cars in Zaporizhia are one of the most popular RentUAcar services. The drivers from different cities are happy to rent the fuel-efficient cars of popular world brands, as they have a lot of advantages.
  1. The economy cars are easier to drive than large SUVs or business class cars. This is especially convenient for female drivers and people with driving experience of no more than two years;
  2. Rent per day costs at least $5-20 cheaper than usual. In case of limited budget, it is easy to save $35-100 when renting a car, when compared with other classes;
  3. The fuel-efficient car consumes less fuel in city and highway mode, so it’s very cheap to refuel a car. You won’t have to overpay for gasoline if you drive several hundred kilometers daily;
  4. Regardless of the model, such cars look nice and modern. The driver will not be ashamed and it will be quite comfortable for him to move around the city by car from our fleet.
As Zaporizhia is a large industrial city, it is difficult to do without a car here. The length of the main city avenue is almost 11 km, not to mention the remote districts and suburbs. If you come here for work or plan to see all the sights, it will be problematic and not very convenient to move by public transport.
It is easier to rent the economy class car in RentUAcar-Zaporizhia and get a regular client discount. When drawing up a long-term contract for a period of more than 30 days, the price of daily rent is reduced by at least $10. To clarify the details or the exact bonus size, please contact the company manager by contact phone, Viber or WhatsApp.

Reasons for cheap car rental

RentUAcar is a large company with offices in several major cities of Ukraine and large fleet. Due to right approach to the car rental, loyal conditions and wide range of cars, we are able to rent them at low cost. At the same time, we thought out how to effectively protect the cars from unscrupulous drivers.
The employees of the company do not draw up the applications for cars of economy or any other class without a deposit. The amount is different for each model, excluding only the section with fuel-efficient cars. Here the amount of deposit is $400 with no regard for the brand. We use this money as a guarantee of careful car handling; when the car is returned to the office without defects - money is returned to the client. If the car is returned with empty tank, defects or damaged interior, the amount of damage is deducted from the deposit.
We offer the cheap car rental only to drivers over 23 years of age and with a minimum driving experience of 1-2 years. The experienced drivers operate the car better and less likely to get into the accidents. The situation on the roads is quite tense in the busy districts of Zaporizhia, and person without quick reaction and good skills can mishandle here.
Due to this approach, the company's fleet remains intact for a long time. We just do not make sense to set the sky-high price or demand a dozen unnecessary documents from clients. By the way, the more often you turn to us, the more bonuses and discounts you accumulate! This is another way to save and rent a car without driver per day or longer at low cost.

Options of cheap car rental at RentUAcar

Despite the fact that the cheapest rental of economy class car is available on our website, the clients can improve the car configuration. If necessary, we can equip it with navigator, router, roof racks or other equipment. We can also install the child car seat, the rental cost of which is $3 per day (no more than $20 for the entire rental period).

Range of cars in the fleet in Zaporizhia:

  • Nissan Micra (from $25) - the most compact option, designed for long trips. It is usually chosen by employees of companies with no corporate car or those who need maximum savings. The car is controlled on the road obediently, does not skid and fits in even on narrow streets;
  • Ford Fiesta (from $25) - another budget car with amazing body design. The car of this model in Zaporizhia can be rented by those who appreciate style, love a lot of electronic stuff in the interior and do not carry a lot of things;
  • Hyundai Accent (Solaris) (from $28) - in appearance the car looks like the middle class, but it remains efficient and affordable for rent with a small budget. It is suitable for drivers who appreciate comfort and space;
  • Volkswagen Polo Sedan (from $28) - the car of this model is usually rented by family people. It easily seats 4-5 people without discomfort, there is large trunk and stylish interior;
  • Kia Rio (from $30) - classic choice of efficient car that will be suitable both for men and women. The car easily goes through difficult road sections, looks beautiful, and does not consume too much fuel;
  • Škoda Rapid (from $35) - the most expensive economy class car pleases the drivers with installed air conditioning and comfortable interior. The model has front-wheel drive and moderate fuel consumption within 7-8 liters per 100 km.
If you want to rent the economy class car in Zaporizhia, leave an application on the website or contact the manager. The employees are available daily by phone or in popular instant messengers. You can also draw up the documents for renting a fuel-efficient car you like right at the office. To do this, bring your driving license, passport and identification code (foreigners will only need international passport and driving license).
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