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Possible pick-up location in Zaporizhia

RentUacar: where and how to rent an electric car in Zaporizhia

RentUacar offers foreign and Ukrainian drivers to rent an electric car in Zaporizhia on favorable terms. The company offers rental of modern electric cars in current body models at $33 per day for a long-term contract. At the same time, the drivers can sign papers both with a deposit and without it.
Although Zaporizhia is not the million-population city, it is officially divided into 7 large districts. You can safely move from one district to another by shuttle taxis, trolleybuses or trams. There is only one nuance that there is not always a direct route from one point of the city to another. In this case, electric car rental or rental of cars of other classes in Zaporizhia would the best solution.
Sometimes visitors come out of the situation by ordering a taxi. But using a private cab or corporate taxi is too expensive. It’s easy to spend $50-75 for a whole all day, which is not affordable for everyone. The rented car will cost much less, and if it has an electric motor, then a person saves on fuel significantly.

Why electric car rental in Zaporizhia is convenient

The undeniable and most important advantage of green transport is the use of electricity instead of gasoline. Now the prices for good fuel are too high in the country, and the consumption of most sedans and SUVs is in the range of 7-9 liters per 100 kilometers. In urban conditions the transport eats up even more gasoline and gas. The traffic jams, slow speeds and other troubles increase fuel consumption by another 20-30%.
In this case the electric car rental in Zaporizhia will be a much more profitable means of transportation. One full charge of the electric motor will be enough for every 80-120 km. The most drivers do not have to travel distances above this mark per day. Moreover, the engine charging stations are located in almost all busy places. It will not be a problem to find a suitable charging station. In case of emergency, you can connect Nissan Leaf or other electric car to usual electric main.
Another advantage is the high acoustic comfort when driving. As the electric motor emits a minimum of sounds and vibrations, there is no unpleasant hum or buzz in the interior. That is why the electric car rental in Zaporizhia is ideal for those who came to the city with children or infants. The babies will be able to relax even while traveling, without being distracted by loud sounds.
Another important nuance is that green cars do not emit exhaust gases and do not harm the environment. There are too many factories, few parks and green spaces in industrial Zaporizhia. The use of electric cars will minimize the negative impact on nature, while maintaining the mobility for people and allowing freely movement around the city.

Electric car rental in Zaporizhia via RentUacar

RentUacar attracts clients with loyal terms of cooperation. To register the electric car rental in Zaporizhia, the drivers should provide a minimum package of documents. Ukrainian drivers will need a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, tax identification number and valid driving license. No further certificates or statements are required. The main thing is to have a minimum of 1-2 years of driving experience. The foreign clients, instead of passport and tax identification number, should provide international passport, the other conditions are the same for everyone.
If the person is under legal age or his driving experience is less than necessary, you can use the services of driver together with renting a car. Our company will provide you with an experienced employee who will carry passengers around the city during the specified time, suggest optimal routes, recommend restaurants, etc. To clarify other details of electric car rental in Zaporizhia via RentUacar, please contact the managers by contact phone numbers.
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