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RentUAcar - rental of middle class cars per day or long-term rental

There are many not only factories and industrial enterprises, but also attractive sites and monuments in Zaporizhia. That is why rental of middle class car is so popular among city guests, travelers, specialists in different areas, etc. The rented car allows you not to be late for meetings, not to depend on minibuses or taxis. The driver receives all the things needed to thoroughly explore Zaporizhia and not to feel discomfort.
RentUAcar offers clients a wide range of cars of Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Ford, Toyota, Renault and others brands. All of them are kept in good conditions, undergo regular maintenance and inspection by employees. In addition, the fleet of the company includes only relevant body options.
The car is rented only with a full tank and complete set of tyres appropriate for the season. Each car is equipped with automatic transmission so that drivers do not feel discomfort while driving. It is always easier for owners of cars with manual transmission to change to automatic transmission than vice versa. For this reason, all cars are equipped with automatic transmission.

When do you need to rent middle class car in Zaporizhia

Usually, rental of middle class passenger car is suitable for those who are not ready to pay for executive cars or SUVs. The cars of this category are also chosen by travelers and employees of companies who plan to travel a lot. The engines of these cars are not particularly powerful and “gluttonous”, which allows saving the budget on fuel.

Situations in which you need to rent a car of this category:

  • for recreation - clients can rent Renault Fluence (from $28 per day) or Hyundai i30 CW (from $30 per day) at low price without driver. So you will have no difficulty in going on a picnic to Khortytsia, doing water sports on the Dnieper or going fishing to the suburbs;
  • at work - the office employees in Zaporizhia do not have to leave the company often, so there is no need for a corporate car either. If necessary, they rent a car per day to send the necessary documents, negotiate or fulfill other assignments of the management. It is much cheaper than buying a personal car, even for a large company;
  • for replacement - rental of middle class car will help the drivers who are temporarily left without personal car. For example, the car undergoes full service maintenance, complex repair or it is restored after an accident. In such a situation, rental of middle class car will help out. It is cheaper than a taxi or private transportation even with a deposit;
  • on a business trip - specialists in the field of metallurgy, engineers, architects and others often come to Zaporizhia for business matters. As a rule, the work of these people lasts more than a week, sometimes taking 1, 2 or even 3 months. The long-term rental in this situation helps not to get lost in the new city and quickly move between temporary home and work;
  • if you have no driving license or experience - in our company it is impossible to rent a car without driving experience of 1-2 years, at the age under 23 years or without driving license. But even if the client who does not meet these criteria applies to the office, he will not be left without a car! You can rent the desired car with a driver and enjoy free movement.

How to rent a car at RentUAcar

You can rent a car in Zaporizhia on our website through special form, contact phone numbers or in instant messengers. First, choose the car model from the proposed list, then book it and confirm the order. The other formalities are settled in the office or outside it. This is discussed separately when filling in the application with manager.
The client should have the required amount of deposit (car is not rented without deposit), passport, identification code and valid driving license. The employee will fill in the necessary papers, attach copies of the documents to the folder and take your photo on the spot. After that, the manager will issue a permit for driving a rental car, insurance, Hull Insurance, etc.
Now the car is at your entire disposal!
At the end of rental period, the driver brings the car back to the office in Zaporizhia or leaves it in the agreed place. After inspection of the car integrity, deposit is returned to the client.
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