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Minivan rental in Zaporizhia: cars in good working condition and favorable rental terms

Minivan is the type of road transport, which is designed to carry several passengers and their belongings. Usually such cars are chosen by those who do not have enough space in sedans or SUVs. Unlike the latter, vans can seat at least 5-8 people, there is roomy interior and large luggage compartment. Due to this, minivan rental in Zaporizhia is suitable for transferring a group of people from the railway station and airport, for arranging a large-scale celebration, rest and other.
If you prefer reliability and capacity, then you should pay attention to this category of cars. Unlike the executive cars or SUVs, they are driven in a more relaxed manner. This wears out the fleet resources less and opens up a lot of opportunities for exploring Zaporizhia, Khortytsia Island or Oblast as a whole.

How to rent a minivan at RentUAcar

RentUAcar is a reliable company providing services for rental of cars of various categories. Our offices are located in many large cities of Ukraine that is especially important for travelers, businessmen and specialists. We have a system of discounts and cumulative bonuses for regular clients that make car rental per day even more affordable. The more often the driver turned to us for help, the higher the percentage of savings.
When you need to quickly rent a minivan in Zaporizhia in perfect condition, just write our employees in the instant messenger or use the “Call Back” form on the website. The employee will call you at a time convenient for you, will help to choose the car and tell you in detail about the application procedure.
If you work with our company not for the first time, then just fill in the fields on the page with the desired car brand and click the “Order” button. One of our managers will call you back soon to clarify the details and set a time for meeting at the office. By the way, when booking, you can rent a minivan at any convenient point in the city. Just tell the employee that you want to pick up the car within the city, at the airport, etc.
The manager will bring the necessary documents by the appointed time and place, which is very convenient. Another plus of this feature is that the service is cheap. We advise you to specify the exact rate in advance by phone or in one of the instant messengers.
The van rental is carried out in 5 steps:
  1. choosing a car from the fleet on the spot or right in the office;
  2. filling in rental documents and drawing up rental contract;
  3. payment of the deposit and rental of a minivan, taking into account the specified period;
  4. delivery of the car to the client;
  5. return of the car at the end of rental period.

Minivan rental in Zaporizhia: service benefits and features

The short-term or long-term minivan rental does not affect the feelings when driving. The driver disposes of the rental car at his discretion, as his own and gets freedom of action. You can freely move around different parts of the city, do not depend on the schedule of trains or public transport, etc.

What does renting a minivan give you?

  • possibility to drive 350 km daily without additional payment (if the limit is exceeded, the price for each extra kilometer is only $0.20);
  • save money on renting several large taxis or minibuses for carrying a group of people;
  • move around the city and Oblast in comfort (the interior is equipped with acoustics, climate control or air conditioning system, navigator and other gadgets);
  • roomy trunk for carrying suitcases, personal items, sports equipment and even bicycles;
  • access to the van is provided 24/7, you do not need to be guided by the schedule of public transport or wait a long time for a taxi after camping or late work and much more.
Here you can rent a minivan both with and without driver. In the first case, the service will be suitable for family people or those who travel in the company of friends and colleagues. You can fully enjoy the process of driving and not overpay. In the second case, the client does not have to lay the routes in Zaporizhia himself, worry about the amount of consumed alcohol, or even can have the rest on the way. Usually the cars with driver are taken for organization of sight-seeing tours or celebrations where alcohol is supposed.
It should be remembered that responsibility for the condition of the car lies on the client. Although RentUAcar issues documents with Hull Insurance and Commercial Automobile and Vehicle Liability Insurance, you are responsible for damage to the interior, body or mechanisms.
That is why it is not possible to rent a van without a deposit. This money is a guarantee of vehicle integrity in case of unforeseen situations. But do not worry: if the car was returned in its original condition, the deposit is returned in full.
Need a car for wedding, vacation or excursion? Call us and book the desired van model!
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