Rent a retro car in Zaporozhye

Vintage car rental: when you may need the service and to whom it will suit

RentUacar has been providing the car rental service for many years. The company’s fleet includes 5 classes and 8 categories of cars that are rented to solve various issues. These cars are suitable for work, business tasks or organization of special events. Recently, an increased interest in rare cars has been noticed in the market of rented cars. That is why the demand for vintage car rental in Zaporizhia over the past 2-3 years has also grown significantly.
Increasingly, the clients want to move away from classic trends and carefully think through every detail for any party or presentation. And most of the attention to the old fashioned cars is paid by young couples planning the party to celebrate the engagement or wedding. The number of requests of vintage wedding car rental in Zaporizhia is closer to rental of business class sedans or SUVs.
The newlyweds appreciate the unusual design of the body and interior of such cars. Therefore, they often turn to RentUacar managers with a request to prepare a specific model for the required date. The clients can view the available fleet directly on the company's website or in the catalog in the office. The employees are happy to offer clients the best option and explain the terms of vintage car rental in Zaporizhia.
As the cost of the service starts at $45 and you need to provide a minimum package of documents for signing the contract, more and more people prefer RentUacar to other companies. The company’s offices are located in 6 large cities of Ukraine, so you can always rent the car required on business trip, travel or when solving other issues.

Vintage car rental in Zaporizhia from RentUacar

In addition to favorable prices and conditions of cooperation, drivers can be 100% confident in the reliability of transport. Before renting, each car is thoroughly checked. The employees check the cleanliness of the body and interior, serviceability of main components, safety systems, electronics, etc.
This is to ensure that clients do not feel discomfort when using a rented car and can fully enjoy the trip. The vintage car rental in Zaporizhia is ordered in exceptional cases and no one wants to get stuck in the middle of the road. That is why our team of mechanics regularly service vintage cars and thoroughly examines each unit before renting a car.
Usually there are no unexpected or unpleasant situations. But even in the worst case when the car stops working for technical reasons, the situation is quickly resolved. After renting the vintage car in Zaporizhia the company manager is in touch with the client 24/7. In case of force majeure, a tow truck is called for the car for free, and the out-of-service model is sent to the fleet. The car of similar design or price is given to the driver, which allows keeping the pleasant impression and atmosphere of the holiday.

Cases for vintage car rental in Zaporizhia

There are a huge number of events for which you may need an old fashioned car. The range of suitable events is not limited to wedding ceremonies or birthdays.
You can rent a vintage car in Zaporizhia for the following cases:
  • themed photo shoot;
  • presentation of goods and services;
  • bachelorette and bachelor parties;
  • celebration of the anniversary;
  • romantic date;
  • marriage proposal;
  • shooting a video clip and advertising;
  • unusual advertising campaign;
  • ceremonies;
  • 20s-30s-style prom;
  • organization of surprises for loved ones.
In addition to renting vintage cars, RentUacar offers a wide range of services. In addition to services of the driver, the car can be sent up to restaurant, airport, hotel or any other place. The manager can also drive the car away from the indicated place, bring the papers or equip the interior of the car with necessary gadgets.
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