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Possible pick-up location in Zaporizhia

SUV rental in Zaporizhia at an affordable price

SUVs can be attributed to the type of vehicles that are suitable for many events. They are suitable for travels and rest outside the city, fit perfectly into the atmosphere of important events and 100% reflect the status of wealthy people. If you are looking for a powerful, stylish and comfortable car for your travel or vacation, SUV rental in Zaporizhia from RentUAcar is an ideal solution.
Zaporizhia is a big city where it is difficult to do without your own car. There are many metallurgical and industrial enterprises, where people come to work or to exchange the experience. The city also has a well-developed tourism sector associated with the rich history of Zaporizhia Sich and the culture of the Cossacks. Hundreds of historical tourists, archaeologists and cultural persons come here. SUV rental will be appropriate regardless of the purpose of visit.
Such vehicles help the driver easily drive on the asphalt, through country and broken roads of the suburb, and also just do active sports. People often kayaking, kitesurfing, windsurfing, etc. on the Dnieper. You can also organize a walk around Khortitsa and go around the impassable tracks by bicycle. SUV rental will make it easy to fit in most of the tourist equipment, which is important for an active vacation or large shopping.

Benefits of jeep rental and service options

Each driver feels proud when driving a status and stylish car. That is why RentUAcar services are so popular among the clients from other cities and countries. Having got used to a certain level of comfort and driving style, it is difficult for drivers to resign themselves to the lack of SUV. Even while being on business trip or being short stay in Zaporizhia, the driver does not want to give up conveniences, so he rents SUV on favorable terms.
Our company works in many large cities of Ukraine: drivers appreciated the options of the fleet, high level of service and acceptable prices. On the website or in the office you can arrange a long-term rent of the car of the desired class within half an hour, and also the car is in perfect technical condition.
The managers carefully keep the interior and its appearance clean, so you will feel comfortable when driving a car. At the same time, the employees responsible for checking the engine, safety systems and other units check the operability of mechanisms at each return. In addition, the wheels are equipped with season tyres preventing the car from skidding and reducing the braking distance. The cost of SUV rental per day starts at $50. This is an acceptable price for renting SUV even by the standards of regional city such as Zaporizhia.
Depending on your budget, lifestyle and preferences, you can use the following types of rental:
  • daily (short-term) rent - suitable for parties, presentations or weddings. This service is mostly used by local citizens or those who have arrived in the city for a day or have been here in transit;
  • long-term rent - focused on drivers who have arrived here on a business travel or to establish business. Often this service is used by drivers whose own car is under complex repair of the engine or electronics;
  • at a low price without driver - option for clients with long-term driving experience or those who do not want to overpay for work of the driver;
  • with driver - this service is mostly used when organizing events or photo shoots. A little less often the driver services are ordered for a vacation travel, more comfortable movement around the unknown city or to business meetings. The driver frees the client's hands, allowing him or her to enjoy the journey and emphasizing the high status.

Choosing SUV for rental

Please note that SUV is rented only with an automatic transmission and full tank. This is done for convenience of drivers. SUV should also be returned with full tank. If suddenly you did not have time to fuel, you can pay for the absent amount of gasoline on the spot at loyal price.
We do not rent cars without deposit. This amount is paid immediately upon execution of the contract and is returned to the client upon expiration of its validity period. Do not worry, deposit remains untouched in the office of the company and serves as a guarantee of careful transport handling.
Our fleet includes the following SUV options:
  • Nissan X-Trail;
  • Mitsubishi Outlander;
  • Honda CR-V;
  • Toyota Rav4;
  • Kia Sportage.
The cheapest rental per day is for X-Trail and Mitsubishi Outlander (only from $50), the most expensive - for Sportage (from $64). To apply for SUV rental in Zaporizhia, please select the appropriate model from the list and fill in the fields for SUV rental in RentUAcar. The manager will immediately contact you for further details, advice on any issues and suggest the best solution. In case of any problems when filling in the form for car booking, use the “Call Back” form or write in WhatsApp or Viber.
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